On the morning of Thursday, May 17, I was planning to go to Camp David, 15 miles from my Maryland home, to cover the G8 Summit.

I had never even heard of Brett Kimberlin.

Then Aaron Walker published his 28,000-word post, “How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime” and, after skimming over it, I made an executive decision: “Screw the G8.”

This story was more important. A convicted terrorist using lawsuits and other forms of harassment to intimidate bloggers into silence about his criminal history? Not on my watch, Mister.

When my reporting on the Kimberlin story resulted in harassment aimed at me and my family, I had no choice:

Many other people who have rallied to this cause, including my friend Ali Akbar, have suffered similar harassment, but we must remember that others have suffered far worse in the cause of liberty. My father was wounded within an inch of his life fighting the Nazis in World War II, and it would be a disgrace to his memory for me to back down from a vicious punk like Brett Kimberlin.

People who will not stand up for their rights will eventually discover that they have no rights. It was not the publication of the Declaration of Independence that made America free. Rather, it was the courage of the soldiers who were willing to fight.

Ace of Spades has called for a Day of Silence. Coincidentally, today is the day when this blog will record its 10 millionth hit. We will celebrate tomorrow. Today, we stand in silent solidarity, as Michelle Malkin asks: “Who will protect the freedom to blog?”

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