Obama “reframing” speech boils down to “Nothing New”

Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

Barack Obama will give yet another speech in which he offers yet another “pivot” to jobs and the economy.  Oddly, for an address that the White House and Obama campaign are pushing so hard, they’re also trying mightily to tamp down expectations at the same time.  ABC News calls this an attempt to “hit a reset button”:

President Obama will use a speech in Ohio today effectively to hit a reset button on his re-election campaign, following a stretch of bad economic news and messaging missteps that have shaken Democrats’ confidence and caused some allies to sound the alarm.

At a community college outside Cleveland, Obama will seek to frame the economic debate with presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, casting the November election as a stark choice rather than a referendum on his record. He will also warn that a President Romney would doom themiddle class.

“Gov. Romney and his allies in Congress believe that if you simply take away regulations and cut taxes by trillions of dollars, the market will solve all our problems on its own,” said a campaign official describing the arc of Obama’s speech. “The President believes the economy grows not from the top down, but from the middle class up, and he has an economic plan to do that.”

Even this, though, is the same plan that Obama has followed all of his term: government-side stimulus, higher regulations, and class warfare.  White House sources have been warning all week not to expect anything new.  Frankly, no one expects anything new at this point anyway.  The GOPsent out an e-mail with a raft of statistics on previous “major addresses” by Obama on the economy, gleaned through searches of the White House website.

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