Muslim Brotherhood leader Mursi Claims victory in Egypt – United States of the Arabs with Jerusalem as Its Capital

There are already killings on the border of Egypt and Israel.. What could go wrong after ousting the man who signed a peace deal with Israel some thirty years ago.  I mean its not like  the new leader will cry, United States of the Arabs with Jerusalem as Its Capital.. opps!

The Muslim Brotherhood said its candidate won Egypt’s first free presidential vote, with Mohamed Mursi beating out Hosni Mubarak’s last premier to become the first Islamist in modern history to head the Arab world’s most populous nation.

The announcement by the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party was disputed by rival Ahmed Shafik. It came hours after the ruling military council issued a constitutional declaration that curtailed the president’s powers by giving it the authority to pull together a committee to write a new charter and other powers, including oversight of its own budget.

The contest has polarized the nation, with the race cast as one between Islamist rule and a return to the old regime ousted by last year’s uprising. Clouding the election was last week’s dissolution of parliament by the constitutional court, a move decried by the Brotherhood. The military’s declaration, coupled with a win by Mursi, set the stage for a continuation of the rocky transition process.

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Here is what the new President said in a speech

Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Launches MB Candidate Muhammad Mursi’s Campaign: Mursi Will Restore the “United States of the Arabs” with Jerusalem as Its Capital

Al-Nas TV (Egypt

via Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Liberate Jerusalem – YouTube.

Muslim Cleric: Jerusalem to be Capital of Egypt

“The United States of the Arabs will be restored on the hands of that man [Mursi] and his supporters. The capital of the [Muslim] Caliphate will be Jerusalem with God’s will,” Hegazy said, as the crowds cheered, waving Egyptian and Hamas flags.

“Tomorrow Mursi will liberate Gaza,” the crowds chanted.

“Yes, we will either pray in Jerusalem or we will be martyred there,” Hegazy said.

Hegazy’s speech came during a presidential campaign rally at the Egyptian Delta city of Mahalla, where Mursi attended along with the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badei and members of the group and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Al Arabiya reported.

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