Romney campaign won’t provide pool reports to non-traveling Media

By Albert N. Milliron

Iron Mill News Service and Politisite receive daily pool reports from the White House –  We think that the Romney campaign is making a BIG mistake not providing pool reports to us and better known reporters like Cox reporter Jamie Dupree.

Hopefully our posting a portion of this article will encourage Romney’s political operatives to get with the program and provide pool reports to the larger group of News folks who report on the presidential campaign that don’t have reporters on the campaign trail

I was pretty excited on Monday morning to read that the Romney campaign had decided to send out “pool” press reports about what the candidate for President was doing. It would give me more Campaign 2012 information to talk about over the next three months on radio and TV, and more background with which to write about here on my blog.

I figured that there might be a hurdle or two, but I quickly sent an email to Romney’s main spokesperson Andrea Saul, asking if I could be added to the list.

A little while after that, I received an email from her that had also been sent to another Romney press person, which said “Adding” – I figured that meant I had been given the thumbs-up, and would soon be receiving “pool” reports on what Gov. Romney was up to.

Boy was I wrong.

“Hi Jamie,” read an email from campaign aide Rick Gorka, who made news recently with his profane outburst at reporters during Romney’s recent overseas trip.

“The pool reports are reserved for the organizations participating in the pool rotation,” Gorka wrote.

In other words – since I’m not covering the candidate on a daily basis, I don’t get any of the up close information on what Romney is doing.

Something tells me that Mr. Gorka has never been a reporter before, because he would certainly understand how useful the pool reports are that are sent out daily by the White House.

Little bits of color, little bits of information are disseminated in those emails to reporters like myself – material which finds its way into our print stories, and our chats on the radio and television.

Read the Rest at Romney campaign: no pool for you | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider.


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