How to Watch the Republican National Convention live online – Live Streaming the #GOP2012

How to Watch the Republican National Convention live online

There will be multiple ways to view the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida Live.  Throughout Iron Mill News you will find several live streams to choose from.  This post provides links to other non embedded services and smartphone applications.

The Republican National Committee partnered with YouTube to provide an official live stream of the convention on its YouTube page. The Republicans are for the first time using Google+ Hangouts to add some group video interactivity to the event. is going to stream more than 70 hours of live coverage from Tampa, Fla.

The Wall Street Journal is providing live video of the convention both on YouTube (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) as well as through its WSJ Live apps on the iPad, on Android devices and various Smart TV platforms.

ABC News will provide a live stream of the convention on YouTube as well. And the ABC News iPad app promises three simultaneous live streams of the event, which you apparently can watch all at the same time.

CBS News will host live streams of the convention’s press briefings. Check for details.

Fox News will have multiple live streams from the convention center.

CNN will stream key speeches and moments of the convention on its site.

PBS Newshour will have a total of five live streams of the event.

The Sunlight Foundation will provide a fact-checked live stream as part of its Sunlight Live project.

Twitter is providing curated tweets on its RNC micro-site.

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