Romney has 2:1 Military support over Obama in Military Times Poll

Anyone wonder why the left is not interested in getting ballots to Military personnel? the new Andrew Malcolm story in IBD may tell the tale

Results of the newspaper’s survey are based on answers from 3,100 military who participated as readers in a secure online poll by the Military Times.

  • If the election was held today, which candidate would they vote for? Romney 66%, Obama 26%.
  • Which candidate has your best interests at heart? Romney 55%, Obama 24%. (Four percent said both and 16% said neither.)
  • Which candidate do you believe is sincere about his stated policy positions? Romney 49%, Obama 24%.
  • What’s the most important issue for you in deciding how you will vote? The economy: Overall 41%, Romney 48%, Obama 23%. (The Afghan war was way down in single digits, along with party affiliation.)
  • The candidate’s character was the troops’ second most important criteria in casting their vote, drawing 26% overall.
  • The present commander-in-chief’s handling of the defense budget (and the massive pending cuts) was given the lowest rating of fair/poor by 62%. His handling of the war in Afghanistan got the same lowest rating from 57%, while 53% similarly disapproved of Obama’s repeal of the Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell policy on gays in the military.
  • Fifty percent said Obama performed fair/poorly on handling military pay and benefits.
  • Fully 57% say they will vote this year by absentee ballot, 47% in person.
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