White House deception on Benghazi Consulate Attack revealed ahead of congressional testimony

The State Department has changed its story on the Libya Consulate attack ahead of the under oath testimony before Congress today.  It appears that the Obama Administration was trying to pull a fast one on the American people by deflecting that the attack had anything to do with it’s own policy and actions but wished to blame the attack on ‘the video’.

This issue among other things has caused the American people to question President Obama’s ability to lead in both domestic and foreign affairs and has lead to Obama’s free fall in the polls

ABC reports:

The size and “lethality” of the attack on the U.S. consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya, that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead was “unprecedented,” a senior State Department official said today.

Senior State Department officials today gave the most detailed account to-date of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomats. One official said the nature of the assault was unparalleled in recent history.

“The lethality and number of armed people is unprecedented,” one of the officials said. “There was no attack anywhere in Libya — Tripoli or Benghazi — like this, So it is unprecedented and would be very, very hard to find a precedent like that in recent diplomatic history.”

Though the timeline of events outlined on the call was similar to the last official account of the incident, which was given on Sept. 12, some stark differences and new details were revealed.

The biggest difference was a clear statement that there were no protests before the attack. Also it was revealed that former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died from a mortar attack and that officials still do not know how Stevens, who was suffering from severe smoke inhalation, made it from the compound to the hospital.

The officials gave a vivid narrative of the events of the night, painting a picture of exactly what the compound looked like.

via Attack on Benghazi Consulate ‘Unprecedented,’ State Department Official Says – ABC News.

Republican congressman tries to hammer Obama over Benghazi security

Jason Chaffetz says White House and state department took part in co-ordinated effort to scale down security at US consulate – but admits he has no evidence for claim

via Republican congressman tries to hammer Obama over Benghazi security | World news | guardian.co.uk.

What did our government know and what were we told when they knew it?  

What you’ll see below was inspired by the vitally important video-report Brett Baier closed “Special Report” with last night, but this will hopefully go into even greater detail. We’ll also look into three specific areas: 1) Security failures. 2) The lies. 3) The attempted cover up of numbers one and two.

via Benghazi-Gate Timeline: What the White House Knew & The Lies Told When They Knew It.

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  1. I find
    myself mistaken in observations of this administration’s foreign policy strategy. Previous observations were that the
    administration’s policy was ‘amateur week’ or following the example of the ‘Keystone
    Cops’. I was very mistaken. The first mistake was actually assuming that
    the administration was following a coherent policy that looked out for the better
    interest of our nation and its citizens, or more specifically, our citizens
    (and officials) overseas. Now that the
    various investigations are revealing all kinds of information concerning the security
    picture in Libya , it becomes very clear that the average citizen can clearly
    see a security problem there. Imagine if
    we had access to the Intelligence briefings that are prepared for the various
    offices of the federal executive departments.
    The evidence that is coming to light is of an administration that did
    not know, and did not care, about the safety of Ambassador Stevens. A news program today pointed out that there
    are more Marines in our mission in Barbados than in Libya. The anniversary of 9/11 was not of consequence
    to this administration. It appears the
    administration was actually trying to make a statement about how relations with
    Islamic countries could be normalized. I
    will leave it to you to judge how successful the President’s foreign policy
    worked. I’m beginning to think this
    administration believes that intelligence briefings are distractions and unimportant. Perhaps “We The People” should explain it to
    him next month.

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