Flashback: Pentagon knew Libyan weapons fell into hands of al Qaeda

During the Libyan conflict we wrote that sources were saying that Libyan weapons including surface to air missiles were falling into the hands of al Qaeda militants, especially from the town of Benghazi.  These weapons were moving out of Libya according to reports.

Additionally, other reports were that the Libyan rebels were the Same people who fought our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is our contention that if the White House knew, Obama  was derelict of his duty as Commander in Chief.  If Obama didn’t know he is incompetent.  There were reports that our Special Forces were providing training to Libyan Rebels in Eastern Libya

One should take this information into consideration when evaluating the recent attack by al Qaeda operatives at the Benghazi Consulate that killed four Americans including our Ambassador

The Arab Spring of revolution has given rise to a new summer of concern in North Africa.

While Moammar Gadhafi is gone, the weapons used by the rebels who overthrew him are now a threat to the whole region, according to Amanda Dory, a top Defense Department policy official on Africa.

“The breakdown of security in Libya has generated a significant flow of militants and weapons and has decreased legitimate cross-border traffic at a time of great economic fragility and turbulence,” said Dory, the deputy assistant secretary of defense on African affairs.

Many of those weapons, the Pentagon fears, are ending up with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) the branch of the terrorist network in North Africa, especially in Mali, which in recent months has seen a coup and a separatist effort.

The al Qaeda affiliate “continues to increase its activities, including collecting large sums of money through kidnapping for ransom schemes,” Dory said Monday. The Department of Defense “is closely watching what this will mean for the stability of the region and the ability of AQIM to target partner and U.S. interests.”

via Libyan weapons falling into Somali al Qaeda’s hands, U.S. official warns – CNN Security Clearance – CNN.com Blogs.

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