Allen West recount deadline passes after Memory Card Malfunctions – Murphy declares Victory

FORT PIERCE— A noon deadline has passed to report new returns in the race between Democrat Patrick Murphy and Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West. Officials in St. Lucie County, where a recount was being conducted, made no announcement of their findings. Under state law, unless they have received an emergency exemption from the state, unofficial results filed last week will be certified.

Those results showed Murphy the winner in the race by about 1,900 votes.

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Under state law, unless they have received an emergency exemption from the state, unofficial results filed last week will be certified – Source NBC 6 South Florida.

The St. Lucie County canvassing board has missed a noon deadline to file election results to the Division of Elections, prompting campaign officials for Patrick Murphy to declare the political newcomer the winner in the race for congressional District 18 race Source

Patrick Murphy declares victory shortly after deadline was missed

“Today at noon, it became clear Patrick Murphy will be officially certified as the next congressman from the 18th Congressional District,” Anthony Kusich, Murphy for Congressman campaign manager, said in a prepared statement (Source: Washington Times)

Via Twitter – Palm Beach Post @pbpost Attorneys for Allen West have been dispatched to the courthouse for request an emergency hearing on the noon deadline


Update 12:30 p.m. – UPDATE: Announcement expected shortly. Reportedly because Canvassing Board missed state deadline, it will use the non-recount tally. If that happens, expect all hell to break loose. The Canvassing Board stop re-tabulating last night even though the West campaign wanted to continue. Then the Canvassing Board got a late start this morning, and because there was a problem with one of the memory cards, there was no time left to deal with the problem. Here’s what one of our sources says, “”By not completing the count last night, they missed the deadline so the state is using the data from last sunday that had us 249 from automatic recount. Lawyers are trying to get an emergency injunction to have the state extend the deadline.” We’ll find out soon. (Source  Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion )

Update 11:30 am –  #AllenWestRecount ON THE PHONE with Gary Angelo Galiano we just had the final meeting, the man in charge was very upbeat, he said ALL VOTES have now been counted. All the memory cards from yesterday have all been uploaded except for the 6 today. That is all we have left to do, be patient, we will have no problem with the noon deadline for noon certification. All numbers have jived, everything is matching up and now we wait for a small period. THEY WILL BE MAKING AN ANNOUNCEMENT when they all meet again, it should be soon. They expect 1/2 hour. The supervisor IS VERY upbeat! “Happy Days” was used. (Source  #AllenWestRecount)

A precinct that has 7 registered Voters had 900 cast ballots

Edson said a retabulation of early votes showed 900 voters cast ballots in precinct 93, where there were seven registered voters. (Source – WPTV )

FISHY – Allen West recount finalization delayed until 8 a.m Sunday

Reports on the ground are that over 32k votes were recounted today in 12 hours which finished around 9PM, but for some reason the remaining 304 votes couldn’t be completed in 2 hours. Officials are saying an automatic alarm is set at 11PM and they are forcing everyone to leave and come back in the morning at 8AM to finish the recount. The deadline is tomorrow noon.

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Allen West Patrick Murphy race update: Counting continues Sunday in St. Lucie County

The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board suspended its recount of all early voting ballots late Saturday night, saying members would return at 8 a.m. Sunday to complete the job.The board made the announcement at 10 p.m. that it will continue tabulating write-in and provisional ballots Sunday after counting votes late into Saturday night as supporters for District 18 congressional candidates Patrick Murphy and Allen West watched the process.

Poll workers finished entering in early ballots for all precincts on Saturday evening, but the data has to be put into the computer system for the final count.

Also, write-ins and provisional ballots had not been counted before the security system at Orange Blossom Business Center was set to go off, Canvassing Board member Tod Mowery said Saturday.

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Elections office admitted to Double-counting some Ballots and Ignoring others

The canvassing board agreed to recount ballots cast during the last three days of early voting after discovering some of the county’s election machines had been unable to read some electronic memory cartridges. But when the elections office admitted to double-counting some ballots and ignoring others on Nov. 6, West, among a mass of legal complaints filed following Murphy’s initial declaration of victory, moved that the board recount all votes cast during early voting.(Source: CBS)

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