Even Without Benghazi Susan Rice Is Not Qualified To Be Secretary of State

With all the talk about Susan Rice covering up the real cause of the Benghazi nightmare, people forget other particularly disturbing parts of her resume.  When working as Bill Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs she screwed up the US efforts to “get” Osama Bin Laden, and throughout her career she’s showed a total lack of understanding of what terrorism is about.

In 1996 Rice helped persuade President Clinton to rebuff Sudan’s offer to turn Osama bin Laden, who was then living there, over to U.S. authorities. Rice reasoned that because Sudan had a poor human-rights record, the U.S. should have no dealings with that nation’s government — not even to obtain custody of the al Qaeda leader or to receive intelligence information on terrorists from Sudanese authorities. Bin Laden subsequently moved his terrorist operations to Afghanistan, from where he would mastermind the 9/11 attacks.

As reported by Newsmax back in 2004:
..according to several of her former colleagues, who say she deserves a hefty portion of blame for the fact that Osama bin Laden wasn’t neutralized during the 1990s.

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