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Crystal Wright - Conservative Black Chick

“People You Should Know” will be a series of interviews with emerging players and creative talents who will help determine where American Politics, Media, Entertainment and Entrepreneurism heads in our future.  After journeying for nearly eight years producing and distributing the politically-themed documentary FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN, I will be starting with some great, smart folks whom I have met along the way

By Jennifer Williams

Crystal Wright is a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C. Some would say she is a triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat-dominated city.  By day, Crystal is aPolitical Pundit and Editor of the conservative blog, & Principal Owner of Baker Wright Group, a full service public relations firm.

Crystal has written extensively on domestic policy issues as well as some foreign policy topics. She regularly provides political commentary to several news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, Powers to the People, hosted by Tony Powers, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America and Sean Hannity’s Radio Show. Crystal has also appeared on PBS’ To the Contrary, Washington Watch with Roland Martin, BET’s Weekly with Ed Gordon, WVON’s The Cliff Kelly Show, The New School hosted by Charles Ellison on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, and provided commentary to the New York Times, Loop 21, Politic365, AP, and the Washington Informer. Her blog posts have also been published in Townhall and the RootDC.  Crystal is an active member of the DC Republican Party.

Crystal earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University.

1.) What inspired your interest in Politics?  I guess I was always political, but just didn’t know it until Obama got elected the first time in 2008. His election brought “out the beast within,” as Johnnie Cash wrote. I became very frustrated and VERY angry with his hard-core leftist policies of focusing on the socialist agenda of Obamacare and Dodd Frank, when America needed jobs. Obama ran as a moderate Democrat the first time around, but I knew when he began appointing the same people from the Clinton administration that this was going to be the same old liberal policies, only worse.

2.) How has your full-time work helped you with your political activism?  I’m a public relations consultant and I think being able to communicate ideas and strategies to clients has helped me apply that same critical thinking to political problems. As a result, I think I’m able to offer fresh perspective and a different point of view to political problems and creative solutions.

3.) Who are your heroes?  Republican President Abraham Lincoln because he struggled to bring the nation together at a time of historic division, [win the] Civil War and at the same time resolve the issue of slavery. He famously said if he could end the war without ending slavery, he would… just as well as the reverse. Lincoln didn’t believe the Constitution gave him the power to end slavery, but in the end he did the right thing through Executive Order. If the South had won [the Civil War] and the Democrats living there [took power], well let’s just say I probably wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing today. I don’t know if I have any other heroes but people whom I admire certainly. Too many to list.

4.) What are you takes on the Republican Party and Democratic Party as institutions as we leave 2012?  The Democratic Party is taking the country down the road of debt cliff and government dependency, which we will never be able to rebound from. But it’s better at selling its “gifts” to the American people, putting a flashy bow on broken promises. In contrast, Republicans have a great message of an opportunity society for all, economic growth polices and cutting our debt.  But, we’re losing the communications war. The problem with the GOP is we aren’t making our message sexy and putting a nice bow on it and we’re not using the right messengers. We need younger, browner and more vibrant people taking the GOP message to all Americans. White men are nice but they’re a dying breed, according to the US Census by 2050 more than 50% of Americans will be minorities.

5.) You do a great job with your work on CNN, Fox News, etc and other Media as well as being a successful Blogger. What are the ingredients to your successful career?  Well, I’m passionate about my opinions and beliefs. I actually believe everything I say and write. I don’t get paid for any of the TV appearances yet, but it’s fun.  Particularly in making liberals upset.

6.) Is there anything that you’d like folks who are interested in Politics to know about you that they might not get from seeing or hearing you on news shows?  I read the Wall Street Journal every day. It’s informative and in my opinion a GOP bible.

7.) What do you like most about what you do?  Being able to write just about anything.

8.) What do you think the future holds for your involvement in Politics and Media?  I don’t know what the future holds for me in politics. Having never worked on a campaign or for a politician, I’m not considered part of the “Establishment,” but that’s exactly why the GOP needs people like me. Maybe one day the Party will actually start being more inclusive instead of just talking about it.


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  1. Great job Crystal!
    White & black Democrats today have a very serious problem with accountability and taking responsibility for their actions.

    MLK already knew the extent of the unaccountability problem in the black communities back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The following is from an article that appeared in Harpers Magazine on Feb 1961 written by James Baldwin:
    The Dangerous Road Ahead Before Martin Luther King
    (MLK, speaking to a Montgomery, AL congregation):
    “We know” he told them, “that there are
    many things wrong in the white world. But there
    are many things wrong in the black world, too.
    We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There
    are many things we must do for ourselves.”
    He suggested what some of these were:
    “I know none of you make enough money—
    but save some of it. And there are some things
    we’ve got to face. I know the situation is re-
    sponsible for a lot of it, but do you know that
    Negroes are 10 per cent of the population of St.
    Louis and are responsible for 58 per cent of its
    crimes? We’ve got to face that. And we have to
    do something about our moral standards….”

  2. As a Conservative black woman myself , I am happy that we have such a great spokesperson for the right, and hope that she will open the eyes of people who do not understand that personal responsibility, living within your means, real family values and limited government are virtues that have no color and the recipe that this country was built on and prospered from.

  3. Ms. wright you are one of the reason why black people have been kept in that box the white race have tired to put us in, you don’t have the facts but keep sprnding those republicans money, when you said that the republicans would not start up your web site to reach to blacks that should have told you something.

  4. Very interesting speaker.
    Self-identified ‘black’ conservative chick willing to admit being conservative and ready speak out against Obama and the corrupt mainstream media.

    As a Cherokee conservative chick myself, I noted she looks a little Cherokee and I might consider voting for her for Pres.

    Go Crystal!

    • Crystal Wright today is my 76 year on earth with a college education and was fortunate to have enjoyed a stable productive family life. I have been gainfully
      employed all my life. Your view of Black Family life is baffling. You are a bi-racial
      female and seems to be unaware of what it is to be BLACK in America!
      THAN THE SWORD!!!! Especially, When established FACTS are IGNORED!!!
      Your views are unreal!!! This is 2013 you are still living in 1865!!!

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