Fact: Obama DID raise taxes on people making less than $250K

People Outraged About Social Security Tax Increase

Don’t believe us?  Check your paycheck.  Seems the entitlement society now believes they shouldn’t have to pay into Social Security as evidenced by the left-wing blogs outrage.  One blog has even figured out how to blame George W. Bush for the increase.  Obama said he would let middle class taxes go up one dime… technically that is true,  as the tax is only 6.2 cents on every dollar

tax_hikesOne tax increase that was not avoided in the fiscal cliff plan was Social Security.

For the past two years, the taxes workers paid into the Social Security program were down by two percent. This year, it will go back up, forcing millions of taxpayers to pay 6.2 percent to Social Security.

Someone who makes $50,000 a year will now have to pay an extra $1,000 in taxes this year for Social Security.

Folks we spoke with said they can’t afford it.

It was business as usual Wednesday at Laurel’s Coffee Grinder in Wayne County. Owner Laurel Gardner whipped up some of her dishes during the lunch rush. Gardner’s been doing this everyday hustle and bustle for the past 14 years. She said she works 80 hours a week to support her family. When she heard about the hike in Social Security taxes, she was not happy.

“I’m a single parent. I’m struggling to get by. It’s just hard. I don’t know how I’m going to get by, if I didn’t have a huge mortgage, I’d be out of it already,” said Gardner.

The last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff by the House and Senate includes the Social Security tax hike.

For the past two years, taxpayers have been paying 4.2 percent in Social Security contributions. In 2013, it will go back up to the original 6.2 percent.

via People Outraged About Social Security Tax Increase 

Obama failed to mention this tax increase on the campaign trail

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