Well Alan Grayson is Back! GOP are Terrorists

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., accused his Republican colleagues of plotting “legislative terrorism” insofar as they demand spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

stopGrayson“it’s a device for them to extract concessions they would never otherwise be able to accomplish,” Grayson told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton last night. “That’s why it’s legislative terrorism. They’re using the debt ceiling as a means to cut Social Security benefits, cut Medicare benefits, cut unemployment insurance — cut anything of any use to any ordinary human being in this country simply because they want more money for tax cuts for the rich.”

Grayson likes comparing his political opponents to terrorists, even though it has hurt him before. In 2010, he described his opponent, Daniel Webster, as “Taliban Dan” in a campaign ad that dubbed Webster a “religious fanatic” because of his views about marriage. The problem: the position Grayson ascribed to Webster was the opposite of what he said.

via House Dem: GOP plan to cut spending with debt ceiling is ‘legislative terrorism’ | WashingtonExaminer.com.

And MSNBC is glorying in his return

Dems Won’t Negotiate With GOP On Debt Ceiling – Why because you don’t negotiate with Terrorists? 

Interesting use of words and allusions to what Democrats are trying to embed in the minds of it’s adherents…Republicans hate America and are trying to destroy what we have built.  Maybe it is a War on Republicans

Echoing President Obama’s refusal to negotiate on the debt limit, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned Republicans on Friday that Democrats have no intention of giving in to any of their demands in exchange for lifting the nation’s borrowing limit to pay its bills.

via Schumer To GOP: Raise The Debt Limit Cleanly Or Default

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