The New TCOT? Twitter Gulag Defense Network #TGDN

Folks on Twitter are asking, “What is #TGDN ?” Well here is your answer:

The New #TCOT?

Maybe not a replacement for #TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter), but rather in addition to, and in defense of, that original concept.

First, some history of #TCOT, you can go there and come back or check it out later.

Twitter Gulag Defense Network #TGDN
Twitter Gulag Defense Network #TGDN

Today Todd Kincannon had a good idea to prevent conservatives on Twitter from constantly being attacked by leftists and tossed into “Twitter Gulag.” Twitter, to keep the spam to a relative minimum, suspends first and asks questions later. Actually, they don’t ask questions at all, it’s up to the person suspended to appeal the suspension, and there’s no guarantee the leftists won’t simply mark you as a spammer again and cause you to have to go through the appeals once more:

Although it has not happened to a great degree some account have been completely banned from Twitter because they were suspended so many times.  Not an account disobeying Twitter rules, but an account attacked and ruined because automated leftist run accounts suspended it time after time.

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More about the  Twitter Gulag Defense Network

The original TCOT kind of fell apart over egos, but is still used daily to disseminate information between conservatives who use Twitter. The TCOT website is still up and running, too. You can go there and see most of the original TCOT bunch, arraigned by follower count.

What I’ve learned over the last several years, though, is your sheer number of followers means nothing, except as a way to keep from getting “Gulaged” by leftists marking you as a spammer. Once you get over 1,000 active followers, you Twitter Home Feed starts moving so fast (on Tweetdeck anyway) you can’t follow it anymore. And what good are followers if some are spammers or leftists who can DM you with malware links or lib vitriol?

Quality matters, I think, so I read the bios and the first few tweets before following back. SEO gurus and schmucks, I ignore and eventually they go away. If they get obnoxious, I block ‘em. I NEVER  mark lib trolls as spammers, unless they actually do start spamming, I don’t like the idea of buggering up the anti-spam system. You can do what you want, but blocking is more than enough for me.

To join the Twitter Gulag Defense Network, click on the #TGDN search or just go to Twitter and search for “#TGDN, then just send the tweet “Join #TGDN.” That simple. Then read bios, follow a few, and follow back those that follow you that aren’t spammers, pornbots, or leftist trolls.

UPDATE: Here is the list Todd Kincannon created.

via Unified Patriots.

New Twitter Hashtag #TGDN

A new hashtag was born today on twitter : #TGDN. It stands for Twitter Gulag Defense Network and is the brainchild of twitter user @ToddKincannon.

TGDN is a response to the speech-silencing efforts of any who happen to know about the suspension algorithm exploit that exists on Twitter. For those unfamiliar with Twitter Gulag, it’s essentially a way people discovered to suspend accounts by tricking Twitter’s systems into thinking live profiles are actually spambot profiles.

More at  What is #TGDN ?

What is the Twitter Gulag #TwitterGulag

Conservative communities of Twitter, the hashtag #TwitterGulag is probably familiar by now.  If you’re not familiar, it’s the term adopted after a spate of accounts began to be suspended for barely discernible reasons. Users brand new to Twitter who looked to be part of the Conservative community, and even some that were relatively well established,  fell victim to the fun little system exploit that a select group of Lefties discovered and began to spread among their circles. It’s been an ongoing problem that Twitter is well aware of. Brooks Bayne originally wrote about this exploit in 2008.

How it Works:

Thanks to the work of Twitter user @SemperBanU (SBU) (give a follow, if you feel like it), the exploit, and how it was disseminated among Lefty’s has become apparent. According to SBU, what the Lefty jerks discovered is that the “block and report for spam feature”  IS COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. There is not a human sitting at the other end to review the reports, there’s just a computer, and like any machine, it can be fooled.

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  1. It’s all nonsense of course. Todd Kincannon has actively asked for me to be “aggressively” spam-blocked. If there were any truth to the “Twitter Gulag” story I would now be trying to get Twitter to restore the use of my account after an onslaught of spurious spam complaints.