Facts About Gun Deaths – Tens of Thousands of Assault Rifle Deaths per year

Tens of Thousands of Assault Rifle Deaths per year….

Well you would think that based on what the Mainstream media and gun control advocates are saying.  The real truth?  From the latest FBI statistical data there were 323 murders caused by rifles. More people are murdered with objects like hammers.  But hammer bans don’t play well in the media.

Here is an article that uses the same statistics we tweeted recently. Kudos to the Independent Sentinel

Senator Feinstein is attempting to ban 120 Weapons that account less than 323 death per year.  Hammers are more lethal according to the FBI
Senator Feinstein is attempting to ban 120 Weapons that account less than 323 death per year. Hammers are more lethal according to the FBI

The issue of gun control has become very politicized and people are entrenched on one side or the other of the debate. Whether the Biden Commission will overreach or come up with reasonable controls on guns remains to be seen.

Biden’s statement that there will be sweeping new regulations sounds ominous. Indications are that the measure which will be presented by Dianne Feinstein to the senate next week will be much stricter than the assault weapons ban of the 1990′s.

Regulating guns and destroying the Second Amendment are two different things. While we wait to see which it will be, check out some of the latest gun statistics.

The FBI crime statistics for 2011 show that while 323 murders were committed with a rifle, 496 murders were committed with hammers and clubs. Shall we ban hammers and clubs? They are more dangerous than rifles.

Nearly twice as many people are killed by hands and fists each year than are killed by murderers who use shotguns. People are 60 percent more likely to die from a knife or sharp instrument than rifles and shotguns combined.

It is also true that 67% of homicides are committed by guns, but these homicides are mostly caused by handguns as opposed to the “assault guns” Dianne Feinstein believes must be banned.

As homicides with guns have gone down, the data also shows that the amount of people killed by hammers, clubs and other blunt instruments continues to rise each year though not to the level of gun deaths yet.

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  1. If by FBI records more are killed by handguns then why are these fools banning semi-auto rifles?AHHH wait a minute i get it pistols are close range weapons not those that can take out people from afar.Its all a joke.

      • Hey Dennis, you know what foolish and pathetic? People like you who want to take our right to protect ourselves away while the Obama White House sends arms to terrorists and walks gun across our borders. Why don’t you go to Mexico and take a long vacation.

    • Those False stats come directly from the FBI database. If you have an issue with them, you should take it up with the Obama Admin. Maybe the problem is that brain of yours doesn’t want to hear anything other than what your belief system dictates. It is called self imposed ignorance

  2. there’s a difference between hammers and guns. it is the difference between functions and purposes. while both guns and hammers include killing people as one of their functions, only one of them has putting holes in people as their primary purpose.

    • the fact is banning guns wont help. criminals wont turn in their guns dutifully, thats why there criminals. Our sucssesfull crime rate will go up and we would be made less safe. LEARN FROM ENGLANDS MISTAKE!

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