Obama Agrees to Taliban Office in Qatar

During a joint press conference at the White House with Afghanistan President Karzai,  Obama has agreed to allow the Taliban to open an office in Qatar.  The United States attacked Afghanistan in 2002 due to the Taliban harboring  terrorists that ran jet aircraft into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon killing over three-thousand people.

Well, yes he did Sharon.  Next question? Does the United States negotiate with Terrorists?

That was before America was fundamentally transformed.

Obama approves reconciliation talks between Afghanistan and Taliban

President Obama announced today that he has agreed that Afghan President Hamid Karzai should proceed with peace negotiations between the Taliban and the new government that has replaced them.

During a joint press briefing today, Obama said he and Karzai supported “the opening of a Taliban office to facilitate talks” between the two sides. Karzai elaborated on that point.

“We also agreed on the steps that we should be taking in the peace process, which is of highest priority,” Karzai said. He explained that the Afghan High Council for Peace would negotiate with the Taliban and with “relevant regional countries, including Pakistan,” through a Taliban office in Qatar.

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The Obama administration has been negotiating with the Terrorist Taliban for months, Including paying for the new Office

taliban-fightersHe emphasized that covert talks between the US and Taliban and the opening of an office for the militant group in Doha, Qatar, with Washington’s financial and political support show a stalemate in the West’s strategy.

Analysts are skeptical of the prospects of meaningful peace negotiations with the Taliban.

The developments came after the United States softened tone on the Taliban, an accomplice of the al-Qaeda which the US has long taken responsible for the 9/11 attacks on New York’s twin towers.

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Taliban Demanded U.S. shut down GITMO to continue peace negotiations

The Taliban said they tentatively agreed to open a political office in Qatar to communicate with the international community, a step that could help pave the way for direct peace talks to end a decade of war in Afghanistan.

The statement on Tuesday was welcomed by the White House as a concrete signal that U.S.-led efforts to inject momentum into Afghan peace talks are gaining traction.

The insurgents’ statement marked a departure from the group’s long-stated demand that the U.S. pull all of its troops out of Afghanistan as a precondition for peace talks.

However, there could be other preconditions to talks, the group indicated. The Taliban suggested that the opening of the office be linked to the release of Taliban leaders at the U.S.’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. U.S. officials have alluded to the possible transfer of detainees to Afghan government custody.

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