The 50 Most Googled Conservatives – 2013

Putting together a list of the most Googled conservatives is more difficult than you’d think. You have to come up with an initial list of googleconservatives. The original list was over 150 conservatives long, all of whom are alive. Of course, you’ve also got to decide who’s a conservative and who isn’t. In some cases, that was a tough call, but I tried to err on the side of inclusion. After that, I searched the names of each conservative, in quotes, and the number of times it came up in the last year is listed next to the name. That’s how the list was compiled. Now, here are the results!

PS: Some of these numbers have ALREADY changed in the few hours since I started putting the list together. So, don’t surprised if they don’t exactly match up if you check the numbers.

50) Jan Brewer 199,000
49) Jim DeMint 203,000
48) Mark Steyn 205,000
47) Koch Brothers 205,000
46) Ted Cruz 214,000
45) Dennis Miller 219,000
44) Charles Krauthammer 241,000
43) Michael Savage 248,000
42) Thomas Sowell 255,000
41) Wayne LaPierre 256,000
40) George Will 446,000

See the other 40 at  The 50 Most Popular Conservatives According to Google 2013 Edition | Right Wing News.

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