Whistleblower Retired Admiral Reveals New Benghazi Evidence

Admiral James "Ace" Lyons testimony regarding Obama Admin non-action during Benghazi attack

A lot has been said and written on Benghazi Libya terror attack, but new Benghazi evidence promises to break the case wide open!

There have been many theories and accusations about the Benghazi fiasco that not only cost Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens his life, but the lives of his staff and one Navy Seal body-guard as well. This action which led to a complete conflagration of terrorist attacks against US diplomatic buildings throughout the Middle East and North Africa still remains largely uninvestigated by the government, unprosecuted by AG Eric Holder’s Depart of Justice, and refuses to bring the guilty parties to justice while many know the truth and are not coming forward. Even though President Obama is implicated in this overseas tragedy still the truth has not emerged.

That has all changed. Finally, an authoritative figure with the proper credentials has stepped up to the plate to tell the true story of what did happen without the lies and cover-ups that have so far kept those guilty of murder from standing trial. The admission on the part of this man will likely blow the Benghazi scandal wide open and lead to arrests if we can get our legal system to act as it should. That, however, is a big if.

The story as it truly unfolded

According to a report from the Washington Times, retired 4 Star Admiral James Lyons reveals the entire plot that led to the deaths of Americans in Libya that could have been prevented, who gave the orders, and why events took place as they tragically did. Admiral James Lyons is probably the highest ranking figure ever to intervene in a federal government criminal case, and testify. Thanks to this man’s dedication to his country and the truth, we will finally know the truth and who was responsible.

In his words Lyons says that the attack on Benghazi was a bungled kidnapping attempt to be perpetrated upon Ambassador Stevens. This was to appear to be a hostage exchange for a terrorist prisoner who was to be released in trade for a supposedly captured US ambassador. The trade would have been for Omar Abdel Rahman an international prisoner, known as the Blind Sheikh.

This apparent abduction by terrorists of our ambassador and then negotiated trade for the Blind Sheikh would have been the “October Surprise” that would have elevated President Obama’s flagging popularity and boosted his approval ratings for a re-election. A dramatic prisoner exchange that saved our ambassador’s life However, something went horribly wrong. A cunning and illegal bit of treachery by the Obama White House turned into something entirely different. Obama’s October surprise turned into a carnage orchestrated by the White House itself as the President, Leon Panetta, and CIA Director, David Petraeus watched via a UAV real-time feed as a 7 hour attack on the Benghazi Embassy raged. Reportedly, stand down orders were given several times to different units within striking distance.

A plot of pure deception

With what should have been only a staged kidnapping of Ambassador J. Christian Stevens, instead, Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty refused a stand down order and began doing their job of protecting the ambassador using force. Immediately the well-trained Seals began inflicting heavy casualties upon the terrorists who thought they were merely in a cake walk to abduct Ambassador Stevens without mishap. As a result of the plan going awry, a massive attack arose from the anger of the terrorists who felt they had been betrayed by President Obama. In the aftermath of the battle which saw Navy Seal Glen Doherty killed after the embassy had been overrun along with the ambassador’s staff. Ambassador Steven’s whose body showed up 5 hours later at a Benghazi hospital supposedly overcome by smoke, but as the initial foreign press reports indicated a much different outcome, in fact, Stevens was raped, tortured, and dragged around Benghazi in retaliation for the botched Obama White House plan.If not for foreign press agents, who were there and saw, we would never have known the truth as the sold out leftist media of the US would have hidden this fact to aid President Obama’s campaign efforts.

Obama hands over Libya to Al Qaeda

Was this just a freak occurrence that belies the true nature of dealings in Libya with American diplomatic efforts, just one glitch in normal standard operating procedure? No, according to former Admiral Lyons and many others such as Glen Beck, who have all uncovered evidence that lead to much more sinister deeds being undertaken. Evidence of a working relationship between the US and its alleged terrorist enemies had already delivered Libya to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization through infiltration of the government, media, and general society prior to the rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi that toppled the dictator last year. That the US has worked with Al Qaeda awarding them security contracts for all US embassies and consulates as well as border protection has instead allowed Libya to become a haven for numerous terrorist operators who have automatic access to Libya’s territory to carry out their training. All this with the support and blessing of the Obama administration. This is not only unthinkable, but beyond excuse or rationalization. There should already be indictments for many in the state department, in the DOJ, all the way up to the oval office, yet, so far nothing has been done.

Treason plain and simple

It goes even farther than that. Evidence indicates that Ambassador Stevens was being used as an arms dealer to supply Jihadists in the region to support yet another uprising in Syria. Just prior to the murder of our ambassador, he was trying to locate guns that had been walked across Libya’s border through Turkey to other countries just as the ATF had done in operation Fast and Furious on the border of Mexico. These are not the actions of inexperience or bad intelligence. They are the actions of traitorous intention. President Obama will, no doubt, be linked to these deaths and operations if Congress will only act, and do its duty in prosecuting a treasonous president who is endangering national security.

There is no where else for a Congressional investigation to turn other than naming the conspirators, determining when officials knew, and assembling the evidence that murder was committed on behalf of the White House to silence those who knew and could testify. Through out the Obama presidency over the last four years the administration has master minded operations that have caused numerous controversies and crises, not to mention the deaths of Americans.

When will the GOP take action?

The Republicans have missed opportunities to discredit the President, to impeach Obama in the wake of waging war against Libya without Congressional approval, and allowed executive privilege to  quash subpoenaed demands for evidence on Fast and Furious never released by AG Eric Holder. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, has refused to exercise initiative whenever the GOP could have used much-needed momentum to stem the tide against the incessant assaults against state’s rights, constitutional rights, and the traditional institutions of America. Will the recent damning evidence now uncovered over the Benghazi fiasco thanks to Admiral James Lyons be implemented to convict the President of potential high treason, or will we see yet another case of criminal acts ignored and hidden at the expense of the American people? If you bother to take interest and act as a responsible citizens contact your congressman and demand action!


  1. Everyone screams impeach, but how? As far as I remember the House brings the President up for Impeachment and the Senate then tries the case. Boehner hasn’t the stomach for the media frenzy, it also would cost him millions of under the table profits. The Rinos would babble about it being unseemly and from the sidelines Rove would be saying it won’t help you to be reelected
    This Senate wouldn’t convict him, the good old go along to get along club. McCain and Graham would stand arm in arm with the Obama and the Progressives. These parties are as one with the same goal enrich themselves at the expense of the American public. Big recession did any of them suffer? did their net worth go down?

    • The only way is for the people to rise up and demonstrate, march to Capitol Hill like the Tea Party did and let them know we want blood! But the people deserve no better than what they get if they refuse or believe the lies of the US media!

      • Docvega has it right, we must band together to protect our Constitutional rights!!

        Also, no background checks until a FULL & COMPLETE background check/proper vetting of this president is done!

    • As far as impeachment, unfortunately he cannot be impeached because he is not a true President. He used fraud to obtain the position of president therefore he is a usurper of the position of president. To impeach him would be against the constitution and would make us no better than him. We need to oust him through another means and then bring him up on charges of fraud, treason and any other criminal acts. I have included the website with the article explaining it in detail. http://www.wnd.com/2011/07/321969/ I am in total agreement – he needs to be gone – but it needs to be done legally so we can oust him and return our country to our constitutional roots.

      • Renee I have been ‘screaming’ this message for years now. EXPOSE, DEPOSE! Admittedly I’m weakening to the point of ‘BY ANY MEANS LEGAL AND POSSIBLE.’

      • Obama can be prosecuted as an impostor and traitor for his access to classified intelligence! God please intervene!

  2. The problem is with the Senate being ran by Harry Reid, and he won’t bring impeachment charges.

    • You need to blame Boehner, not Reid. It is the House that impeaches; the Senate then votes on whether to remove from office. That is why Clinton was impeached yet remained in office.

      • Clinton missed impeachment by 11 votes. The perjury charge was defeated with 45 votes for conviction and 55 against. (Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania voted “not proven,” which was considered by the Chief Justice Rehnquist as a vote of “not guilty.”) The obstruction of justice charge was defeated with 50 for conviction and 50 against.

        • There are so many people he had killed, the secrets of our nuclear arsenal he gave to the Chinese, Clinton began the politically correct division in America!

          • No doubt. … .sad but true. We have no idea what kind of mess we really are in with what Clinton done and now this clown.. .

      • You need to have 2/3 of the senate to impeach and there isn’t enough so to blame Boehner doesn’t hold water. Boehner can bring it up a million times and it won’t mean anything without the senate.

        • The House GOP has let Obama off the hook too many times and to just capitulate in anticipation of a Senate Democrat majority is still an excuse.

        • Just keep on the pressure. Go back and demand justice again and again and again. Remember the parable of the unjust judge…who gave in only because the woman persisted. And ask the Father – ‘if we ask Him for bread He will not give us a scorpion.’ Bombard Heaven’s walls for relief from this scorpion!

    • The House is the one who Impeaches… however All who are complicit in this, need to be removed from office,
      tried,convicted and sent to life time Fema Camps in the middle of
      Indonesia with no contact from the outside world . Reid is as snarky,
      vile and evil as his phoney POTUS is. Time for the Congress and Senate to Man up and the media to be straight with the people of America. My prayers for Admiral Lyons. He did put a death warrant over his head – but he obviously respects and continues to honor the OATH he took and that is what all bodies of government need to do also!

      • There is no doubt that the Obama White House came into power using threats, intimidation, and death in order to manipulate people, but apparently Capitol Hill was a push over anyway! Lyons might end up like Andrew Breitbart whom I charge was murdered by the Obama White House as well!

        • Never thought I’d be working alongside Hillary’s Pumas for any reason, let alone to elect a Republican – in McCain’s case, a RINO. The stories from Hillary’s primary campaigners were hair raising. Tough gals, but they were shocked by the conduct of Big ZerO’s thugs.

          • Yes thanks to Viviano’s testimony we got an insight into Chicago style bare knuckles corruption on a nation wide scale

          • Docvega – The arrival of the Emirates Dreamliner in JFK on its maiden voyage in Aug2006 is potentially significant. I speculate that America’s top leftwing journos were loaded on board, wined, dined and entertained – and you can go anywhere you choose with that – and when the ‘feelgood factor’ was maximised, the curtains btw first class and plebs opened, drums rolled, a deep voice announced ‘The Next pResident of the United States of America!’ and mr zerO himself appeared.

            Provided just enough lede time for Time Mag to get a photo of zerO onto its front cover with the words ‘The Next pResident of the USA.’ (Oct 23 2006)
            The Passenger Manifest of that flight would be Very Revealing. As for what happened after – if the passengers were flown to Dubai, shish-kebabed and blackmailed, that is anyone’s guess.
            There is something deep and dark about o’s relationship with the american media.

      • The House brings charges, the Senate tries them, along with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    • All who are complicit in this, need to be removed from office,
      tried,convicted and sent to life time Fema Camps in the middle of
      Indonesia with no contact from the outside world . Reid is as snarky,
      vile and evil as his phoney POTUS is. The House impeaches – immediate arrests need to be made … I don’t think the US ever impeached a USURPER before .. Reid and so many others are just in the thick of this. Both the Congress and the Senate need to be brave like Admiral Lyons and stand up and do the right thing. When one takes an Oath for their nation and their office, the the people fully expect them to act accordingly. The media needs to abandon the EVIL and start being upfront with the people of America. Over 25 Seals who allegedly killed OB are all now dead… Navy Seals do NOT make mistakes. They do NOT commit suicide… their loyalty to their Country and their Team is beyond reproach. Sometime is very wrong and it all point to 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue!!! God Bless the USA

      • I am in total agreement! We are seeing the most blatantly corrupt administration in US history!

    • Impeachment is an indictment of charges in the House of Representitives. Once charged; Reid will have no choice but to try it in the Senate. That’s Constitutional Law. ..Reid cannot refuse it.

  3. Christine, the facts aren’t hard to prove at all. There are several high level witnesses already blowing the whistle. The problem is the corruption within the White House. Obama should have been impeached already or convicted of treason with the long list of infractions he has committed with arrogance which tells me that he has a pass, a deal has been cut, whoever is pulling the strings at the White House wants America to go down hard and fast! And the people must want it that way because they are doing nothing to stop it!

    • Sometimes it seems as if the West capitulated to the sauds after 911. After all, they supplied the ‘pilots.’ Their airlines replaced ours as the ‘flagships of the industry.’ Their sharia law is replacing English Law, American Law, etc. The sauds are destroyign the ecosystem by towing icebergs and robbing the northern countries of freshwater to the point where the indigenous people are being taxed on it, and will even be taxed on the water that falls from the sky! Thanks to saud paid Al Gore we are paying carbon tax, based on his cover up of the saudi eco abuse and so on ad nauseum….CUI BONO? The sauds and the banksters!

      • News story this past week on the State of Maryland preparing to tax rain. Rain! Everyone with cement on their property (affects the runoff) will be taxed proportionately…. Think about shopping center parking lots! Costs will be passed on to consumers…. Unbelievable.

        • ‘Cui bono, kikibirdie?’
          Water taxes in Ireland, LOL. Less we use, more for the Saharan follies. God did not intend for that desert to be parkland, nor for golf courses, ski slopes, air conditioned mega malls, etc., to proliferate.
          And, insult to injury, Emirates airlines will carry an extra 500 kgs of fresh water so first class passengers can SHOWER in mid air.
          It has to STOP!

  4. First Benghazi, Then the Sandy Hook false flag attack to disarm us–WHAT’S it going to take for Americans to realize we are under attack from within..

    • You’re right! This is the most diabolical regime ever to curse the American dream!

    • this should have nothing to do with what party you belong to…it should have to do with the injustice being done to our people…why can’t people see that instead of just putting blame on republicans or democrates…Lets make it about what’s wrong and what’s right…geezz

    •  Barbara, you need to stop blaming who the media has told you to blame and start looking at the facts. The Obama regime is lawless and un-American to say the least and simply because you haven’t done the research to inform yourself does not give you the right to make blanket criticisms against political parties. 

    • What, you never heard of the communist party,, well ask the 85 card carrying communists sitting in the senate.. Blame whoever you want but you need to set yourself free and learn the truth,, not what the media says,, be free enough to listen when someone is telling you something for your own good.. Good men and women lost their lives because they knew too much, I pray for this whistle blower now the story is coming out there will be more.. ,, The truth is out there ,, read up; with out making up your mind first,, tell your friends,, and I suppose you are a liberal or democrat,, kissing Obama’s feet.. Kenyan born raised to take our country from us.. Sole purpose to break the back of America,, Spout what you want.. but research before make a statement as you did,, signed a republican,, fighting for my country and liberty and FREEDOM.

      • Known about the Communist bastards on Capitol Hill for years, does anyone give a damn? I just don’t know anymore, thank your for your thoughts!

    • Barbara! This is NOT about party affiliation is about our country and human innocent lives. The media is just as complicit as the evil doers for with holding the truth and lying to the American people. Do you not see the vile, vapid injustices???? Do you not see how many died without just cause? What Admiral Lyons is doing is about “doing the right thing” Bless his heart!

      • Janet, people like Barbara are the strength of the Obama administration the deniers and worshipers who blame the wrong team because they have been indoctrinated or are simply too studpid to see the truth!

    • Barbara,I get it when you were a baby your mommy dropped you on the pavement,right?

  5. If Lyons knows, I’d like to know how he knows. If it is only theory, you know the slime ball in chief will get off, but if he has facts that can be brought forward give no weasel room to those invloved then you have something.Was he in the situation room that night, does he know who was,does he know who carried out the attack. I find it funny that no one is looking for the attackers, could it be that they don’t want them found because they will blow the whistle on the whole operation? If this was a conspiracy, you can bet, all invloved over there are going to show up dead. First rule kill the assassin.

    •  Good point. A 4 star admiral is not going to stick his neck out unless he has sources and can back up his assertions. Remember this is the highest ranking military figure to ever come up against a president and his staff and makes such allegations. I doubt he would take this lightly and not be prepared with the facts. Here’s the problem. For some reason the Obama administration is untouchable. I think a deal was cut with the GOP and John Boehner either that or it’s like Jesse Ventura said, “it is clear to me that politicians on Capitol Hill don’t read the legislation they sign because someone is telling them what to do.”

      • Taking the high angle POV, with Dubai replacing NY as a ‘cultural’ center (you can stop laughing now!) and event location, slurping up all the freshwater the world can supply to create parkland in the desert and freeze the Saharan de luxe malls and apartments; and taxing us to limit our use, with Etihard and Emirates replacing Pan Am and TWA as industry ‘flag ships,’ with Osama and the majority of 911 attackers being saudis; with SA the only moslem country to avoid the ‘Arab Spring’ and with Obama Hussein bowing to the lap of the saud king abdullah, (not to mention the supineness of Europe) one might be forgiven for wondering if the West surrendered to saudi arabia on 9.12.2001

        • Water for oil? Is that the trade? Without regard to either’s people it would appear.

    • Immediate arrests need to be made NOW! I don’t think it is possible to impeach a USURPER… him and his sick evil czars and all who are complicit is this need to be tried, convicted and punished for the rest of their born days!

      • Janet, you are correct. What keeps this Manchurian Candidate in office immune to prosecution is only the cowardice of Congress at this shameful juncture in US history! I am appalled!

    • I have read that the attackers are alive and well and living openly and triumphantly in Libya.

      • Disgusting!!

        Obama probably gave them free cell phones so he can give the next “kill Americans” order.

        This usurper is a treasonous traitor AND a murderer.

        • I warned a disabled friend about those phones. They can serve as GPS positioners to locate vulnerable Americans. Watch out for ‘ambulances,’ friends. Obama’s NYS thugs already tried that on me. Still seeking justice.

  6. You are right, Obama should already have been brought to justice over numerous counts of guilt, but Congress refuse to act. The people may need to rise up before justice will be done!

  7. Don’t really know how much more needs to happen before we impeach Obama and try him in court for treason. If the powers that are responsible for handling this refuse to act then they also need to go. The people should not let this slide. We the people must take back control of our gov. or lose it forever

      •  sorry, new to this.  If Congress doesn’t act, could they be brought up on any charges if the evidence is there and they don’t act?

        • ovomit has broke every law on the books and not a damn thing has or will be done because of his color! as far as I am concerned that is all the more reason why to hang his black ass!

          • Race should not play any role in this. But since you brought it up his mother was white, his father was a black man .. what does that make O? I personally never cared who was in office, or the color of a persons skin – as long as they would live up to their word and do their jobs … none of this here is about Race it is about Justice and righting the wrongs and for the congress and the senate to stand up and man up like Admiral Lyons has done!

          • Bill has a point even if he was over the top in his wording. Race shouldn’t play into it but it does because everybody gets tagged racist if they go after him . Or they end up dead.

          • I’m taking my chance even IF I don’t succeed. If we all just sit back and say “what can I do?”, NOTHING will get done. At least when they kill me maybe it’ll wake up a couple more, then those 2 will wake a couple more, and so on. “To see an evil and do nothing is to be part of it”

          • Jay, that’s what the government is counting on the continued apathy of Americans too complacent to do a damn thing about the destruction of their nation!

          • It would be a welcome fresh breeze to see congress do the right thing but I don’t expect it to happen. Nope, Agenda 21 is their focus and they are deceptive as can be, pretending to care about the environment and the phony science of climate change of course it changes what is it supposed to do be the same day after day after year after century? Boring! They haven’t got the ability to stay out of the rain themselves better yet alter the overall climate. Grandiose selfish individuals who cannot follow the actions through first and then see it is best not to take a certain action, no they sign the bill into law first and then see what is in it. Almost all of them of both sides of the same strategy to divide and conquer this nation are complicit in the dismantling of our rule of law, our freedom, it is gone and our national sovereignty turning it over to the not altruistic and never was, United Nations who will gleefully enslave the survivors.

          • It’s worse than you can imagine! It will be global fascism unlike anything we have seen!

          • I agree that race shouldn’t play a role, but you know damn well that they won’t go after Obama because the minority and the liberal idiots will say they are only going after him because he’s a minority.

          • This line of thinking is as bad as being politically correct. Let the media run its mouth…
            Right is right and wrong is wrong and SO MUCH about the Fed govt. is wrong!

          • Who cares what they say? I think people have blown this way out of proportion as far as blacks rioting. There are plenty of black people who have seen Obama for what he is and despise him. I don’t think we give decent, honest people enough credit. They know wrong and it doesn’t matter what color evil comes in, evil is evil.

          • Maybe you’re right Cheryl but just like the Sequester, the Dems would spin it into an national uproar just like they did a few years back with the illegal alien workers on parade nationwide, they should have fired those bastards!

          • Race is the issue and crux of the matter. It gives him immunity from prosecution. It is the reason he was selected and groomed to bring America down. No white or even Asian person would get away with any, repeat, any of his apparent crimes and certain anomalies.

          • That’s a damn good point. I remember being very disappointed in hearing talk show hosts say “Oh if they impeach him it would cause riots in the street!” I’d be wiling to take that chance!

          • If the talk show hosts and other media reported the truth honestly – there’s a dream world!- Big zerO would be the one afraid of riots. They spun him in on a shipload of lies, but has become incumbent on the American public to do the job of the overpaid ego inflated punters and get the truth about him out there! ‘Spite on White’ has no place in the Peoples’ House!

          • I’d say bring it on. The police and many citizens would love the chance for an open season on dirtballs.

          • Wake Up ! His Presidency IS all about race. While you express your indifference to his color, the Democrats use his 1/2 color to conquer and divide the rest of the Nation. He has set back race relations by at least 50 years.

          • I think that charges of treason should be brought against Ovomit’s white half to avoid being charged as racists. Just arrest, try, convict, and execute the white half of Ovomit. That way, nobody can play the race card. Since Ovomit hates his white half, his black half should be all for this suggestion. What do you think?


          • Mr. Collier, I seriously don’t believe it is his color, I think we have people in office that won’t take care of their jobs properly. Perhaps it is because they are not qualified or because they are afraid of Obama…There are men of color that would make wonderful presidents…Dr. Ben Carson, Col. West, etc…several well educated respected men who love our country and want the best for all of us…It is past time to take care of this problem and Yes, Obama should be impeached for many reasons but those who have authority to do something seem to sit and do nothing…God Bless America

        • For being remiss in their duties and failing to defend the US Constitution, technically yes, there would have to be a prosecutor willing to act though!

        • You would think we the people could bring a law suit against the all the Dem’s, Rep voted in House along with higher ups Obama White house for not protecting us. We the people need to get more physically involved March in Dc or around our country , Maybe Beck needs to have another march . These people in Washington are ruining our country . We mean nothing to them

        • They can;t be brought up on any charges for not acting, but our country is going into a deeper and deeper mess by the day. BUT..until we take the senate back the legal way can;t be used. Without the Senate removing, it does not matter what the House does. Don;t you people understand this????

        • Yes of course the Congress could be brought on charges of dereliction of duty, unlawful knowledge of criminal acts, conspiracy to commit fraud, and aiding and abetting a crime. That’s just for starters!

      • racism will be a minor description. would you rather be crucified by bummernumbnuts muslim brotherhood of terrorists or with all blacks. when bummernumbnuts is charged with treason.

        • If I had any fear of death, or any fear of man, I might have an ounce of concern about either; but I don’t. The ‘spin’ isn’t the only thing I can see coming a mile away…., and if any riffraff were able to make it to my doorstep (which I highly doubt) they’d quickly figure out that Freedom in my book is short for “nothing left to lose”.

      • I agree – there are some that would claim that – (heck, anyone who doesn’t agree with the current Administration’s agenda and policies are ‘racists’ aren’t we? But what’s worse, worry about some pulling out the ‘race card’ in the face of this kind of information – What about the HUMAN RACE?!?!? Hmm?? That’s MY race card!!

      • I have been called a racist but I’m not a racist at all. I hate OJUDASS white half too !

      • If he were the first ?resident to be impeached, they might have a racism leg to stand on but he’s not.. and he should never have been elected in the first place.. O’Ballah is as much a terrorist as the bombers.. Hillary, Napolitano, Holder, O’Ballah, Bohner, Rice, McCain,Biden, the 6 muslims in this administration and a couple of others need to be gone! Not someday, but NOW.. And the squatter in the white house is not MY CIC either! what a disgrace!

        • Every time I see a picture of the torture and read of the abuse and tragedy I want to puke and cry. It makes me sick to my stomach. This poor man and the men that defended I thank you and I am so sorry that our Country let you down. The President and every single soul that let you die. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you so much for the service that you did for you and so sorry for your family. God bless your souls.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFDwtCSfuJI

        • You forgot Reid, and Pelosi said that you have to elect him to see what he is! Well we found out, but me voting for Ron Paul, I already knew what a bum Bama was! Semper Fi.

      • This is why O was CHOSEN~ IF we call him out for the EVIL TRAITOR he is, they hope the blacks will riot! (not believing him bad…he is NO Martin Luther King!! Quite the opposite!) I say bring it! It’s time that the blacks realize they are being used! TRUTH!

      • Impeachment without removal is suicide!!!! Remember Clinton!!!! he laughed in our faces for that. Without controlling the Senate you can;t remove and without that he is then like a rabid dog!!!

    • What you say sounds great, but the people who elected our president may be more concerned about food stamps and free cell phones than anything else.

        • I don’t want to claim him either but unfortunately we are stuck with him until we find a legal solution. I think the entire country should rise up and create civil unrest. Maybe he’ll understand that. The stumbling block is the democratic Senate, the House would probably initiate impeachment for treason, but the Senate probably wouldn’t co-operate. I would think they would want rid of him also, he isn’t good for the democratic party either, or for our Country, which is the most important.

          • If the American people cause civil unrest, he will clamp down on us hard, just like any hard line Marxist dictator would! We cannot give him that option!

          • We really should schedule a million Real Patriots to conduct a night time march on Washington, have on hand Tiki Torches and march around the White House chanting Traitor, Traitor… That will get the attention of Mr. Barry Soetoro aka Obama.

          • While I would LOVE to create an uprising, this would only give him a reason to scare the sheeple into allowing him to enact Martial Law, since we’ll all be psychopaths and domestic terrorists, this snake of a “president” has the vast majority of this country so blinded with his honeyed words of peace and safety, it’s disgusting.

          • Johnny, I ‘d love to create one too if it would help, but there’s no doubt about the expected reaction. We would have to trust that officers of police departments, sheriffs, and armed forces personnel with a conscience would refuse to arrest and shoot citizens then we might have a good chance!

          • Honey, he is right where the democraps want him. He is the leader of the party. He is a plant and was sactioned by the party. He does not run the country. He is a puppet. Those, including the GOP, must be on the same side, or they would make some move to get rid of him. This is an attempt to put Communism in, using the Muslims to help, and the GOP. What else can one think?? O is one who is whatever he is needed to be. But the powers that be have promised him, “King of the World” and his intention is to set up this “one world government” with him as head of the UN. That will make him “king of the world.” He will only be a figurehead and not the real powers that run things. His queen will be same as Obama. She will not have any real power. They already act like the Royals of america. Can I get some feedback on this?

          • Feedback – I am of the opinion that 0bama is possessed by Satan, and that you are seeing the road paved for what is written in Ezekiel, and Revelation. Our monetary system will be destroyed, causing a worldwide catastrophe, and the Antichrist will actually condemn 0bama, and waltz in with the answer to all our problems.

          • We did~ with the very peaceful Tea Party! They crucified us all! TRUE, great, law abiding Americans!! YET, we will NOT give up, as they hoped! TRUTH will come to light!

          • I agree…but he did get re-elected and I can not understand how or why!!!! I never have called him my President, except right after he was elected the first time….It didn’t take me long to know what he was and how he was going to rule…and that is what he tries to do RULE! Most pathetic person to ever to get elected to the greatest and most beloved POST ever!!

          • oh really? Google “Blythe/Morgan found guilty of voter fraud” which was on MS news today… And this WAS during 2008 Obama/Hillary campaign. Wake up Greg. Do you honestly think our vote counts?

          • You’re an idiot. Count the amount of people who voted for both candidates…that number is smaller than those who refrained from voting at all.

          • That is because you have your head stuck up the ass of your party and can’t see through your own bigotry. It can not be more clear Greg. It is just your ignorance that denies you the ability.

          • MSNBC doesn’t tell me anything! Those are the people who feed you the lies you choose to swallow, Dip!

          • my reply was for Greg Lloyd not you, Docvega, …but my wife might agree with you about me being a dip.

          • Greg there is over whelming evidence of everything in this article and more about President Obama’s criminal and unconstitutional conduct, but the low information voter such as yourself chooses willful ignorance instead of enlightenment in order to distinguish between the truth and rhetoric. You need to wake up!

          • Phyllis Felix it’s easy to get re-elected with the voting machines rigged in your favor. A paper receipt should come out of every vote so it can be verified if necessary to guarantee accuracy. No more illegals voting and no more double, triple votes.

          • If the people would pull their heads out of their butts and just look at all the executive orders and NDAA laws that Obama signed putting him in the driver seat as a dictator they would be outraged, and I hope everyone who voted for him gets a taste of dictator style government they deserve. Bastards!

      • most of those who voted were not american citizens. in fact it was in the contract that if you got a free cell phone it automatically voted for him, and if you voted later for someone else it was changed to his vote. others were probly dead and buried yet still voted anyway

      • When the government allows a huge influx of illegals across our borders who have no allegiance to this nation and are only here for 2 things money and government benefits you are seeing a great deal of the problem. Now add to that our complacent internet population of indoctrinated college students and recent graduates much less then add the entitlement population, and you have a recipe for American disaster!

    • as long as the Democrats feel no heat, as long as the democrats in the senate can block any impeachment….we should be focusing on THEM as well as anyone…..put the pressure where it belongs….Democrats…..if the House voted to Impeach, like it did with Clinton…the Senate would never vote to Impeach,…we have to change that…..either it’s faces, or resistance

      • The Senate does NOT impeach. The house does impeachment and the senate removes. You people do not know what really goes on. We MUST take the Senate back to get rid of him the legal way..

    • Oh for goodness sakes, HE CAN NOT BE IMPEACHED!. He is the president of a CORPORATION. He can only be fired by his shareholders or arrested. But we know that is not happening anytime soon.

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