Israeli War planes strike weapons convoy between Syria, Lebanon

JERUSALEM—Israeli warplanes are reported to have attacked an arms convoy traveling from Syria to Lebanon Tuesday night.

israelijetsSyrian state TV confirmed Wednesday an Israeli airstrike on a military site near Damascus, according to the Associated Press. U.S. officials have reported the strike, but did not disclose the location, according to the AP.

The attacked weapons delivery appears to be an attempt by embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to arm Hezbollah with SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, according to the Israel Project (TIP).

“Israeli officials have been warning for months, and in increasingly explicit language, that Jerusalem will not allow the transfer of Syria’s advanced weapons including and especially chemical and biological weapons, to terrorist groups,” TIP noted in a press release.

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Israeli jets bomb weapons convoy on Syria-Lebanon border

“There was definitely a hit in the border area,” one security source said. A Western diplomat in the region who asked about the strike said “something has happened,” without elaborating.

Syrian television confirmed the Israeli the raids but said they targeted a research center in Damascus province at dawn on Wednesday.

The air raids come amid Israeli concerns about the civil war in neighboring Syria and fears that advanced weapons could reach hostile groups in Syria or the militant anti-Israel Hezbollah group in Lebanon.

via Israeli jets bomb weapons convoy on Syria-Lebanon border.

Israeli ‘air strike on convoy on Syria-Lebanon border’

Israel did not comment. Syrian state media said a military site was bombed.

Sana news agency quoted an army statement which said: “Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research centre in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defence.”

The centre, in Jermana northwest of the capital Damascus, was damaged in the attack, state TV said.

The US State Department has also refused to comment on the reported attacks.
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