Breaking: Burned remains Positively Identified as Chris Dorner

Chris Dorner investigation: Charred remains positively identified as Chris Dorner

dornerThe charred human remains found in a burned out cabin have been positively identified as Chris Dorner, the sheriff’s department announced Thursday.

Positive identification was made through dental examination in the autopsy. Dorner’s driver’s license and some other personal effects were found with the body, authorities said.

The manhunt for the fugitive former LAPD officer came to a fiery end on Tuesday after making a last stand in an Angelus Oaks mountain cabin.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is defending the decision to use pyrotechnic tear gas, saying it was a tactic designed to end a barricade situation.

“We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” said Sheriff John McMahon.

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Medical examiners confirmed that the charred body found in a burned California cabin is Christopher Dorner’s, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

The identification of the rogue former police officer blamed in four killings was made through dental records, sheriff’s spokesperson Jodi Miller said.

Source – CNN TV

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San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner: Charred Human Remains Identified as Ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner [6:47 p.m. ET]

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