Prison Check? Inmates Collect Unemployment

DID YOU KNOW that Philadelphia prison inmates collected unemployment benefits while sitting in their cells?

They did: 1,162 of them got an average of $344 a week for, on average, 18 weeks. That’s more than $7 million.

handcuffsAnd many of the 25,500 inmates in other county jails in Pennsylvania did the same.

We’re talking cash for cons – tens of millions of tax dollars paid by employers and employees fraudulently scammed by incarcerated crooks.

Makes you want to get up every day, go to work and pay your taxes, right?

Well, hold on. Before you pick up torches and pitchforks, you should know that the state says such payments are ending under a program put in place by the Corbett administration, and unemployment-compensation payments to 3,000 inmates have stopped, saving up to $18 million a year.

But how’d this cons’ con happen?

“Not sure,” says Philadelphia Prison System information officer Shawn Dawes. “It just wasn’t on anybody’s radar.”

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But Pennsylvania Officials said they took care of this problem

Pa. Finally Cuts Unemployment Benefits For Prisoners In County Jails

Pro tip for legislators looking for places to tighten budgetary belts: Stop sending unemployment benefits to prisoners.

This was a problem for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until just recently. The PA Independentreports:

Using an existing data system called the Pennsylvania Justice Network, the state can cross-match inmate data with unemployment records to identify unemployment beneficiaries in county prisons and stop payments.

Read More  Forbes.

Another State that doesn’t know how to use a computer and marry databases.  Think the fix would have been less than the 7 million bucks they paid out…

The Department of Labor and Industry works with the Department of Corrections on a monthly basis to identify state prison inmates receiving unemployment benefits. But no similar setup was in place for county prison systems.

Instead, the primary way the state would learn about inmates collecting unemployment was for someone to report it to the state —maybe an intake officer finding an unemployment compensation debit card in a wallet or a relative or neighbor calling the state.

But even if fraud was identified, the money could still be lost for good.

“If someone continues to file or someone files on their behalf while they’re in prison and then we find out they’re doing it because we’ve gotten word through the prison or someone else, then we’ve got to reclaim the overpayments and that can be very difficult,” Goulet said.

via PA locks down on unemployment benefits for inmates | PA Independent.

O.K. Prison Inmates where getting unemployment…a computer glitch,   Well if that is not bad enough to make your taxpaying blood boil…  Dead People are having trouble finding Jobs in this economy and are receiving unemployment benefits.   That’s right DEAD PEOPLE  are collecting Unemployment as well!

Dead People Get Unemployment Benefits

Some of these improper benefit payments went to such recipients as prison inmates, illegal aliens and the deceased. Some of these payments went to those who quit their jobs voluntarily.

When will government administrators realize that there will always be people who try and scam the system? The sad part is, like most government transfer payments, that when administrators pay fraudulent benificairies there is less money going to the people who actually need the help.

via Prison Inmates, Dead People Get Unemployment Benefits « Government Gone Wild.

Don’t think unemployment issues / fraud occur in your state?

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