White House: State-by-State Sequester Impact Reports

White House Releases New State-by-State Reports on the Impacts of the Sequester

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the White House is releasing new state-by-state reports on the devastating impact the sequester will have on jobs USA_blank_mapand middle class families across the country if Congressional Republicans fail to compromise to avert the sequester by March 1st.

The link to each state report can be found below:

1.      Alabama

2.      Alaska

3.      Arizona

4.      Arkansas

5.      California

6.      Colorado

7.      Connecticut

8.      Delaware

9.      District of Columbia

10.  Florida

11.  Georgia

12.  Hawaii

13.  Idaho

14.  Illinois

15.  Indiana

16.  Iowa

17.  Kansas

18.  Kentucky

19.  Louisiana

20.  Maine

21.  Maryland

22.  Massachusetts

23.  Michigan

24.  Minnesota

25.  Mississippi

26.  Missouri

27.  Montana

28.  Nebraska

29.  Nevada

30.  New Hampshire

31.  New Jersey

32.  New Mexico

33.  New York

34.  North Carolina

35.  North Dakota

36.  Ohio

37.  Oklahoma

38.  Oregon

39.  Pennsylvania

40.  Rhode Island

41.  South Carolina

42.  South Dakota

43.  Tennessee

44.  Texas

45.  Utah

46.  Vermont

47.  Virginia

48.  Washington

49.  West Virginia

50.  Wisconsin

51.  Wyoming

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