Louis Farrakhan: Whites don’t want to be a minority, they Push Birth Control on Black Women


Hmmm.  Lets see.  The Democrats are for free Birth control and Planned Parenthood seems to strategically place their abortion clinic in Black Neighborhoods.

So does Farrakhan support ObamaCare?  For that Matter does Farrakhan support Barack Obama who supports handing out free birth control and advocates abortion on demand.

farrakhan-obamaNation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says white people are promoting birth control for black women because they fear becoming a minority in the United States.

Farrakhan spoke Saturday at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, invited by the Grand Rapids Community College Black Student Union.

He says white Americans will lose their majority by 2050 and says they’ve introduced birth control to black women “because they don’t want no more black babies.”

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