Eugene Robinson: “Rand Paul was right. There, I said it.”

Today is the first and probably only time I will ever write something that’s kind of complimentary to Eugene Robinson.  He had the wherewithal to admit that Rand Paul was correct to Filibuster in the Senate over Drones.  Here is the first paragraph of his column.  You can choose if you would like to read the rest

Rand Paul was right. There, I said it.

The Republican senator from Kentucky, whom I’ve ridiculed as an archconservative kook — because that’s basically what he is — was right to call attention to the growing use of drone aircraft in “targeted killings” by staging a nearly 13-hour filibuster on the Senate floor.

Read More  Eugene Robinson: Rand Paul did the right thing with filibuster – The Washington Post.


I have been critical of Eugene Robinson on Twitter

But during #RandPage #RandStand we had another type of exchange

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