Fracking is Wonderful – Stossel

In my special tomorrow, titled “Myths, Lies and Complete Stupidity” I argue that it is myth to say that fracking, used to get natural gas out of the ground, is unacceptably dangerous.

GaslandFracking is indeed dangerous. But so is coal mining, oil drilling, nuclear waste, building windmills and solar collectors, and shipping windmills and solar collectors. All energy production poses dangers. Life involves trade-offs. The tradeoffs for natural gas are well worth it. Fracking allows Americans to save money on home heating bills. It’s lowered the price of natural gas so much that manufacturing that left America is coming back. It may make America energy independent. For those concerned about global warming, burning gas instead of oil and coal helps reduce CO2 emissions.

So I was puzzled that some serious people, like Paul Gallay of Riverkeeper, want fracking stopped. When I interviewed him, he made what sounds like a compelling case.


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