Obama to Speak to Donors at ‘Non-Profit, ‘Non-Partisan’ Organizing for Action on Wednesday

Obama to Speak to Donors at ‘Non-Profit, ‘Non-Partisan’ Organizing for Obama.  I mean, Organizing for America.  I mean Organizing for Action on Wednesday

org-for-america-flotus-vidPresident Barack Obama will speak to donors to Organizing for Action, the group that was formerly his reelection campaign, this Wednesday in Washington, D.C. “President Obama will speak to a Wednesday-night dinner for donors and grassroots supporters at the Founders’ Summit of Organizing for Action, the nonprofit successor organization to his campaign,” reports Mike Allen.

“The summit, to be help Wednesday and Thursday at a Washington hotel, is aimed at keeping supporters motivated ahead of tough congressional fights on gun legislation and immigration reform, and to take their temperature about the future of the organization. Speakers will include David Plouffe, former White House senior adviser, and manager of Obama’s 2008 campaign; Jim Messina, managing of the 2012 campaign and OFA’s national chairman; Jon Carson, OFA’s executive director; Dan Wagner, the campaign’s chief analytics officer; Lisa Jackson, Obama’s former EPA administrator; Sara El-Amine, OFA’s national organizing director; Lindsay Siler, OFA’s issues director; and others.”

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