Are the Koch Brothers trying to buy Tribune Company?

Love it! Koch brothers may by Tribune Co. – Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, Sun-Sentinel, Baltimore Sun and Radio station WGN and KTLA TV

The Left is spewing their usual  Koch right-wing nut hatemonger world takeover rhetoric.  Because the Left loves freedom of the press as long as they own the papers.

Just take in the spirit of the following story in the LA Weekly

ChiTribThe latest rumor about the next owner of the L.A. Times, which is for sale, is a doozy. A bombshell. It’s a doozy wrapped in a bombshell exploding inside a Drudge siren.

Multiple sources tell L.A. Weekly that Charles and David Koch — the infamous right-wing billionaire brothers — are considering an offer on either the Tribune Co. newspaper group, which includes the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun or the entire Tribune Co., which includes more than 20 stations like WGN and KTLA Channel 5.

Now, these are unverified rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt if not a whole dollop. The Tribune Co. won’t comment on any specific offers they’ve received, although a source there says, “We’ve gotten a ton of interest. That was one of the reasons for hiring the outside financial advisors, to sift through the unsolicited interest.”

Source Are the Koch Brothers Trying to Buy the Los Angeles Times?

Twitter Responds:

Koch’s not commenting… everyone knows you don’t comment in the middle of a deal.  But Politico has to point it out.

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