Something we can agree on – North Korea calls Media Reptilians and Jabbers

Some day, I want to meet the person who translates North Korea’s state propaganda into English, because that man or woman is an artist. Today’s says that North Korea is definitely ready to launch a nuclear weapon at any moment so watch out, but also that the Western media is being super unfair and biased when it calls North Korea dangerous, which is just obviously not true.

reptilianHere’s a choice section, written in a distinctive prose style you might call High Juche:

The important measures declared by the DPRK are a proper counteraction against the high-handed hostile actions of the U.S. imperialists and the puppet forces and their reckless moves to invade the north and ultimatum to them.

Nevertheless, the puppet forces are challenging the DPRK’s measures, jabbering that they are “escalating tension” and “south Korea would strongly react to the attempt to scrap the agreements”.

Read more  North Korea officially denounces the ‘reptile media’ for ‘jabbering’.

While we agree with the definitions placed on the Media by  North Korea, we certainly do not agree with their escalation of military activities by shooting missiles in the Sea of Japan

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