Chemical Weapons NOT used in Syria

Syria did NOT use chemical weapons, Meanwhile both sides accuse the other of Use.

Politisite examined the video and still photographs of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria.  Based on this writers Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Military training, chemical weapons were not used on those photographed.  The most these individuals were exposed to was something akin to Tear Gas.

Even so, both sides are accusing the other of utilizing chemical weapons.  We think these propaganda statements are to gain an advantage  into the war effort.

syria_chemicalA Free Syrian Army commander denied state media reports on Tuesday that opposition forces were behind a chemical weapon attack in Aleppo, saying the government had fired a rocket with chemical agents on the town of Khanal-Assal.

“We were hearing reports from early this morning about a regime attack on Khan al-Assal, and we believe they fired a Scud with chemical agents. Then suddenly we learned that the regime was turning these reports against us,” said Qassim Saadeddine, a senior Free Army Commander and spokesman for the Higher Military Council in Aleppo. “The rebels were not behind this attack.”

Early Tuesday, Syrian opposition fighters were accused by government state news agency of using chemical weapons during the attack on the northern province of Aleppo’s Khan al-Asal that killed 15 people and poisoned others.

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