Getting Cozy – President Obama calls the Israeli PM “Bibi” at Press Conference

For the Press conference between President Obama and The Prime Minister Netanyahu, as you probably know, the main topics were Iran, Syria, and the peace process

BIBIYour foreign pooler was  inside the room for this event

The press conference began 35 minutes later than scheduled. At the Prime Minister’s residence we were inside “the patio” with small citrus planters. The room was like a glass house. Behind the cameras there was a tree that had been cut in half. .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face when the President was talking about Iran was interesting.Several times, without smiling, Netanyahu seemed even tense. He looked fixedly at the President when this one was talking about Iran. Also, the Prime Minister never spoke in Hebrew during the press conference.

President Obama called the Israeli PM “Bibi” at least four times.

At the beginning, four questions were allowed: two on the Israeli side and two on the American side.

But in a global effort, all of the reporters tried to push for more questions. The President said to an Israeli reporter from Channel 2  “This is incorrect,” when asked about the moral obligation to intervene to stop what is happening in Syria. Our colleague Chuck Todd from NBC News tried to ask four questions and a follow-up to the Reuters journalist. Watching him,The President and the Prime Minister smiled at the same time.

On our way out, we saw some empty plates ready to be filled for the diner which was closed press.

Laura HAIM
White House Correspondent and US Bureau Chief

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