Obama Speaks Peace As Gaza Rockets Fall On Israel

Gaza Conflict given 72 hours break

Israel News Agency

ISRAEL OBAMAJerusalem, Israel — March 21, 2013 … US President Barack Obama was awakened in Jerusalem early this morning with news that southern Israel was under rocket attack. Yet, Obama proceeded with his day viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls, speaking with the PA in Rahmallah and giving a speech in Jerusalem. The Islamic terror organization Hamas, targeted innocent civilians firing 4 rockets of which two slammed into the Israel town of Sderot.

Obama’s speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center to hundreds of Israeli university students confused many. One can start to understand the massive frustration that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffers from when encountering Obama.

Many feel that Obama is anti Israel. He talks about dividing Jerusalem, pulling out of the West Bank (the ancient homeland of Israel – Judea and Samaria) with a Gaza Hamas style government moving in shooting rockets at Tel Aviv. He points at Israelis building in their ancient, biblical capital of Jerusalem and expanding settlements in the West Bank as the cause of all problems.

The student audience that Obama addressed was not your typical “youth” from Chicago, New York or LA. These college students had all been through the Israel Defense Forces. They all know first hand the challenges that Israel faces when it comes to security.

Yet, Obama was talking to them about peace as if we were all thrown back to a drugged, sleepy Woodstock in 1969.

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