Obama China Cover-up Exposed in Port of Miami

(Media Credit – Alexander Mooney/CNN)

Seems that when President Obama was set to speak at the Port of Miami on Friday, his staff covered up the logo of the ZPMC Chinese Crane company with American Flags.  Problem is one of the Flags fell and exposed the Logo seen here.

We are wondering the reason Obama didn’t want to let America know about the Chinese Crane company in Miami.  Oh that’s right, Obama was talking about the increase of American Jobs .

President Obama was speaking about how his policies are great from jobs in a city where the unemployment rate is among the worst in the Country.

Port of Miami Contracts

As we commenced 2013 we found ourselves working on numerous major PortMiami projects encompassing all aspects of cargo operations including assisting the Port with its cargo terminal relate projects. Some of these projects have been completed such as the Port’s procurement of the Crane Program Engineering Services which was awarded to Shaw GBB (now CBI), award of contract to procure four (4) new cranes from ZPMC and the Electrification of Cranes 7-10 to work from the on-dock electric power no longer needing the diesel generator system which provides for a cleaner noiseless environment. Currently, commencing with the new year we find ourselves working on the below listed projects with status in parenthesis; (Source Crane Management )


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  1. Here is the Logo of the Chinese Crane Company. According to their site, 6 of these cranes were bought for the Port of Miami. Obama’s people covered each of these logos with American Flags. The flag fell off. Transparency is the watch word of Obama Admin?

  2. This is the typical charade of the Obama White House, all the banter about job creation while they support policies that send US jobs overseas and they support amnesty to further allow jobs to be taken by non-citizens.So, what’s new? Wake up people!

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