North Korea to Launch Missile within Days

The United States intelligence gathering has determined that the DPRK is planning on launching a Missile in the coming days to show Seoul and Washington that it will not back down to provocative acts. North Korea has moved assets to the east of the Korean peninsula and indications are that it will test fire a missile.

This from the Voice of America

north_korea_rocketNorth Korea said Thursday that its military has been given final approval for a nuclear attack against the United States – a threat that most analysts think Pyongyang would be unable to carry out.

South Korea said it has confirmed the North has moved one of its missiles to the country’s east coast, and Defense Minister Kim Kwan-Jin said while the missile appears to have “considerable range,” it is unlikely it could reach the U.S. mainland.

“Looking at the missile’s range, it doesn’t look like it will be able to reach the American continent,” said Kim.

US Braces for North Korean Missile Launch.

Is North Korea preparing to test a missile?

South Korean media are reporting that Korean and US intelligence satellites have spotted North Korea moving what appears to be medium-range ballistic missiles to its east coast. Meanwhile, the regime said on Thursday that it has the “final approval” to launch “merciless” military assaults against the US, including the use of nuclear weapons.

But a missile attack isn’t as likely as you’d think, despite the war rhetoric.

Analysts here in Seoul seem to agree that, if the press reports are true, the pariah state is probably prepping a test of the medium-range BM-25 Musudan missile. The device could, in theory, reach US bases in Japan and Guam.

North Korea preparing to test a missile?.

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