Connection? Obama calls Cali AG ‘best-looking in USA, First Lady calls self ‘Single Mother’

What an interesting day in political foot in mouth from the White house.  FLOUTS gave an interview to a CBS affiliate WCAX and said she was a, “Single Mother”.  President Obama flirtatiously called the California Attorney General the best looking in America.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris did meet Obama at the Airport and it appears they were happy to see each other.

It does seem like the Obama’s go on separate vacations a  bit more often than previous first families.

We will be listening for a domestic at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Obama_KHarrisFirst lady Michelle Obama slipped up in a local TV interview Thursday and accidentally called herself a “single mother.”

“Believe me, as a busy single mother– or, I shouldn’t say single, as a busy mother. Sometimes, you know, when you’ve got a husband who is president, it can feel a little single. But he’s there,” Mrs. Obama told Vermont CBS affiliate WCAX.


Flirt in Chief

President Obama has apologized to California Attorney General Kamala Harris for making a flirtatious comment about her at a fundraiser Thursday.

Obama called Harris “the best-looking attorney general in the country,” a comment that stirred controversy particularly in the California press.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday that after the event, Obama called Harris “to apologize for the distraction created by his comments.”

via Flirter in Chief?

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  1. He is the President and should have respect for his wife.I find nothing cute about his public flirtatious in the public view.Michelle worked feverishly to get him where he is.Let us not forget,Mr.President.