Obama Fearful of Agitating Kim Jong Un, toning down tough talk

It appears that sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea hasn’t calmed the young Kim Jong-Un to peace. Seems the White House is toning down it’s ratcheted up rhetoric to allow Jong-Un to come out of his corner and save fave with his country. Seems Flying B-52s and B-2 bombers dropping simulated bombs hasn’t has the desired effect.

From Andrew Malcolm:

In a swift and strange reversal, Obama administration officials Thursday rushed to play down their own recent announcements of defensive U.S. military movements in response to threats and provocations from the hermit kingdom of North Korea.

Kim-Jong-Un-obamaThe hereditary Communist dictatorship of the Kim family that took over the North with the expulsion of Japanese forces at the end of World War II has always been quirky, unpredictable and, well, mentally unbalanced by any modern governing standards. Despite the approving reports of recent celebrity tourist Dennis Rodman.

The country would be cinematically comical and worthy of a Peter Sellers role were the rogue regime not actively developing nuclear weapons and long-distance missiles to deliver or orbit them.

As with Iran, President Obama has chosen a diplomatic path of international sanctions to discourage the weapons program. As with Iran, they haven’t worked. So, as with Iran, Obama has chosen to apply more of them.

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