Video: Former First Lady Reagan remembers Margaret Thatcher

Video: Former First Lady Reagan remembers Margaret Thatcher

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>> california is former first lady, nancy reagan. mrs. reagan, our condolences because i know how special margaret thatcher was to you, the fact that she travelled to california after you left the white house and even for the funeral of ronald reagan.

>> there was lots of trips at that time. for the funeral. for the funeral in washington, and then out to california. i mean she did, she did everything. everything.

>> how important was she in her partnership with ronald reagan, the conservative principles on the economic side and also in helping to end the cold war. talk to me a bit about how, how much he cared about her and her and listen ed to her.

>> ronnie? did ronnie care about her? is that what you’re asking?

>> yeah. it struck me that they had a very strong personal friendship.

>> oh, they did. they certainly did. from the very beginning, the first time they met. you know, she was the first state dinner that we had at the white house and the last state dinner was for her.

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