Code Pink Bounty Hunters? – Video

Dog! Female Bounty hunters have watched way too much Reality TV.  What is this Code Pink Bounty Hunters?

Actually they are Lipstick Bounty Hunters and often post their videos on Youtube

bounty_hunterThe video, which was posted online, shows Duvall yelling and running away as he is shot with rubber balls.
“Despite the ‘keystone cops’ level of absurdity depicted in the video they created of themselves, the Lipstick defendants uploaded their epic failure to their account, defaming Duvall and other innocent people in the process,” the lawsuit alleges.

Gilleon believes the women are angling for an unscripted TV series.
Read More – Riverside, CA Local News.

Lawyers weigh in

Lipstick Bounty Hunters attack and injury a man without warning. Daniel Duvall was rushed, tackled and shot at, while he sat quietly at an Arby’s restaurant. Mr. Duvall is represented by Daniel Gilleon of Mitchell | Gilleon. Mr. Gilleon is a San Diego civil rights attorney. Mr. Duvall was injured in the attack, losing vision in one of his eyes due to the rubber bullets shot by one of the agents.
via “Lipstick” bounty hunters attack and injure citizen – YouTube.

About Lipstick Bond Girls

Lipstick Bond Girls is an all female bounty hunting team from Long Beach, California. We have been featured on local news on KTLA and nationally on Good Morning America. as female bounty hunters, capturing some of the most dangerous fugitives in California. We can now be seen nationally and internationally on our new HD internet reality TV

The ‘Lipstick’s Most Wanted’ website is where YOU can have an inside peek into the world of Bounty Hunting. Clicking on FUGITIVE button will feature either someone who is wanted or someone that HAS BEEN captured.

Lipstick’s Most Wanted Official Website | Fugitives, Captures, Bail Bonds, Bond Girls.

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