Lets just say, “the Left ain’t Happy” – Obama’s forgotten agenda

The Left is upset that Obama has proposed cuts (reductions in growth) to Social Security in his new budget but are more upset that the POTUS has once again dropped most of the urgent agenda items proposed in his State of the Union Address like Global Warning.

obama_failWe on the right side of the issues could have told you that Obama is not a promise keeper unless it is to his advantage to do so.  We are happy with a left-wing president who doesn’t want to use his political capital to push the environmentalist agenda.

Sorry folks, we could have told you so

He talked about urgent action on minimum wage and climate at the start of this term. A few months later: Nada

Two months ago this week, an emboldened President Obama laid out an ambitious agenda for a second term in his State of the Union address. Congress and the media have been consumed by important debates over a small array of those issues like gun control, immigration reform and the budget (which he’ll unveil today). But other items critical to the progressive agenda of his second term — especially raising the minimum wage and addressing climate change — have largely fallen out of view.

And while it’s still just a few months in, a look at these important but overshadowed goals, as he outlines his budget, does not suggest much progress — or urgency.

Obama’s forgotten agenda – Salon.com.

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