Meghan McCain gracefully conquers Ann Coulter

Meghan McCain gracefully conquers Ann Coulter’s death wish with fierce dignity

On April 12, Meghan McCain tweeted a series of dignified responses on her Twitter account to officially put an end to the morbid controversy generated by the reprehensible murder suggestion remark directed toward her from political pundit Ann Coulter, who refused to apologize for the abhorrent comment in an April 11 appearance on the Fox News Channel “Hannity” program.

Meghan_MccainAnn Coulter originally made the contemptible statement in a column offering Meghan McCain as her personal choice for a family member of a Republican senator who could be killed to generate greater sympathy for gun control bills currently being debated in the U.S. Senate. Coulter claimed the revolting comment was in response to a gruesome proposal by MSNBC host Martin Bashir, who asked if it would take a Republican senator losing a family member to gun violence to compel them to vote against their pro-Second Amendment views.

Instead of descending into the depths of negativity and pointless drama with the attention seeking Coulter, Meghan McCain artfully soared above the controversy with triumphant flair in a series of continuous tweets on April 12 that stated:

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Ann Coulter ‘Jokes’ About Shooting Meghan McCain, Fox Removes Coulter’s Column

Coulter was referring to MSNBC Political Analyst Martin Bashir’s April 11th segment on the future of anti-gun violence legislation, with former Democratic National Committee Communications director Karen Finney and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein. On his show, Bashir strongly argued for gun safety, and even showed video footage from an Al Quaeda operative testifying to how easy it is to buy guns in America. (If you’re curious, you can watch the video here.)

In a video from HuffPo Live, Ahmed Shibab-Elden reported:

It seems Ann Coulter has pissed off yet another person this week: Meghan McCain, the daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, condemned Ann Coulter today after the conservative provacateur joked about her being murdered in a recent column.

First, a well-wisher (or trouble maker) from Politisite tipped McCain off:

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Yeah, Like we have a direct line to Meghan McCain.  The article finds the first tweet on this subject and thinks it all began with Politisite.  Our tweet was a simple response to what we thought was reprehensible journalistic behavior.

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