Fagor – Pressure Cooker not intended for Bomb use

Q.  How Safe are Fagor Pressure Cookers?

fargor_pressure_cookerA. Fagor Pressure Cookers, which are U.L. (Underwriter Laboratories)-approved, are perfectly safe and do not pose any risk for explosion. All of our models contain three safety mechanisms that permit steam to escape when over-pressurizing occurs. Unlike older models, the lids will not open until all the steam has dissipated and pressure has been completely released. (Source: Fagor America)

From CBS:

The company that made the pressure cooker used in the Boston Marathon bombs said they are “deeply saddened” by the attack.

Fagor America, Inc., a New Jersey subsidiary of an appliance manufacturer in based in Spain, released a statement Wednesday saying it has been contacted by investigators and is fully cooperating.

The pressure cookers “are not intended to be used for any other purpose other than cooking,” the statement said. The two bombs killed three and injured over 170 when they exploded by the finish line of the marathon Monday.

Authorities said Tuesday that explosives in the Monday attack were made from metal pressure cookers stuffed inside black vinyl bags. Photos of fragments from the bomb, which were included in an FBI bulletin leaked to Reuters from a federal official, also revealed a Tenergy batter, pieces of wires, circuit board and nails — which officials said were used to maximize casualties.

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