Freedom-Loving Conspiracy Theorists need Love too!

Every Jerry Fletcher needs to find their Alice Sutton.  Alex Jones has made it easier than searching conspiracy theory comment sections on the internet.  Now a Profile, Smile, and a list of conspiracy theories is all that one needs to find that special someone.

I am wondering what first dates would be like…

Alex Jones Launches Dating Site for ‘Freedom-Loving’ Conspiracy Theorists founder, conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones launched a dating site for his listeners last month, hooking up conspiracy enthusiasts from 9/11 truthers to people who believe The Matrix is real.

Dating Freedom Lovers” is comprised mostly of believers in Jones’ New World Order theory that “a secretive power elite conspires to rule the world via an authoritarian global government.”

“Unlike Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which represent little more than vast snooping databases and NSA fronts, we are committed to preserving your privacy,” wrote site administrators March 2013, noting they “will never sell your information or divulge any of your details to any third party – government or corporation.”

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Meet Your Future Crazy Ex On Alex Jones’s Infowars Dating Website

“Me: hates the government as much as I love guns, lives in a secluded cabin far away from President Obamacare’s secret cancer radio signals, counts the days until the sequel to Police State 3: Total Enslavement comes out. You: all that, plus you’ve got a GREAT ASS.” If that’s the kind of romantic advertisement you don’t mind making public on the Internet, then foaming-at-the-mouth nutbag king Alex Jones’s Infowars “Dating Freedom Lovers” website is perfect for you.

Last night, the wonderful @fart directed his Twitter followers to check out “Infowars conspiracy dating,” and anyone who followed the link was not disappointed. How do you know if Dating Freedom Lovers is right for you? Well, you should probably adore Alex Jones, who makes Piers Morgan seem rational by comparison. It also helps if you’re looking to find “people that share a passion for liberty and freedom and are ready to start a relationship.” Meaning, EITHER F*CK IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OR GET THE F*CK OUT.


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