List of 100 Black Conservative Blogs and Websites

Here is a list of Black Conservative Blogs and Websites

African American Conservatives

Alan Keyes

American Civil Rights Institute

Angela McGlowan

Another Black Conservative

Arlenearmy’s Blog

Armstrong Williams


Black & Right

Black And Red

Black Conservative Political Action

Black Conservative Thought, Yahoo! usergroup

Black Conservatives, Yahoo! usergroup

Black Quill And Ink

Blacknright’s Weblog

Booker Rising

Booker T. Washington Inspirational Speakers – done by Booker’s great-granddaughter

Booker T. Washington Society

Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (BOND)

Ben Carson

Carol M. Swain

Center For Neighborhood Enterprise

Character Corner

Charles Payne

Christian Living

Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

Congress Of Racial Equality

Conservative Black Chick

Constructive Feedback

Cowboy Troy

Crystal Wright

D.C. Big Pappa’s Blog

David Webb

Dr. Alveda King’s Blog

Ellis Washington

Erik Rush

Fightin Words

Freedom’s Journal Magazine

Georgia Politics Unfiltered

Gregory Kane

Greg Parker

High Impact Leadership Coalition

I’m Black…And I’m NOT A LIBERAL!

Isaac Hayes Blog

Issues & Views

J.C. Watts

Joe Hicks File

Joseph C. Phillips

Keeping It Right

Ken Blackwell

La Shawn Barber’s Corner

Lisa Carter

Lisa Fritsch

Loyal To Liberty

Macho Sauce Productions

Magic Negro Watch

Michael Williams

Michelle Bernard – D.C.

Microscope On Black / Left-Wing Bias In The Web 2.0

Motivation Truth

My Voice On The Wings Of Change

Narcissistic Views On News/Politics

Natural Born Conservative

Notes From D.R.

Original Cindy

Political Agenda

Politik Ditto

Princella Smith

Project 21

Que Sera, Sera

Raging Elephants – Apostle Claver

Rep. Allen West

Rep. James White

Sen. Tim Scott

Republican Review Of America

Rev. James Manning

Right Wing, Black, And I Ain’t Crazy!

Robert Williams Jr.

Ron Miller


Sandra Rose

Scientia Media

Stacy on the Right

Star Parker

The Black Informant

The Black Sphere

The Conservative Messenger

The Cultural Strategist

The Deborah Rowe Show

The Dillard Doctrine

The Last Tradition

The Markum Report

The Minority Republican

The National Conversation

The Remnant Voice

The Urban Counterculture

Thomas Sowell

Uncle Sam’s Cabin

Wayne Dupree – News Ninja

Wake Up Black America

Young Black Conservatives, Facebook

Zabeth’s Corner

H/T Booker Rising

While we are not big on identity politics, we thought it would be nice to show our support for Black Conservatives.  Give this list a view and support our large group of Black Conservatives in America.  If you know a website that should be on this list, please send us the link and information to or add it to the comments section of this story