Study: Conservatives are Manly Men, Effeminate Liberals demand recount

Study: Conservatives are Manly Men, Liberals are men in Tights

Finally, scientific confirmation of what so many have suspected all along: The strongest of men in varied societies around the world are much more likely to hold conservative political views. Probably much smarter too.

manly-menWhile weaker guys, regardless of wealth, are more liberal, into handouts and wealth redistribution because, well, they don’t have the strength to get it and keep it themselves.

The reassuring results come from a new study by researchers at Denmark’s Aarhus University and the University of California at Santa Barbara, just published in the May 13 issue of the journal Psychological Science.

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Strong men more likely to vote Conservative

Physically strong men are more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims.

via Strong men more likely to vote Conservative – Telegraph.

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