Cradle to Beyond the Grave – Dead collecting Welfare

Dead Voters, now Dead Consumers.  1,164 folks are on Welfare from the Grave

zombies2There is life after death — at least if you have a Massachusetts EBT card.

In fact, sometimes life doesn’t begin until after death, if you define the beginning of life as getting your first EBT card.

According to the state auditor’s report on welfare abuse released yesterday, they found at least 42 loafers “whose benefits actually began after the recipients’ dates of death.”

This gives new meaning to the term “deadbeats.”

In all, the state auditors found 1,164 deceased persons who had collected a total of $2.39 million. I’ve heard of a kiss in the mail, but this is more like necrophilia. You know that movie, “The Sixth Sense,” where the little kid keeps saying, “I see dead people”?

I see dead Democrats.

Democrats’ ‘Deadbeats’ » Fresh Ink

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