Remember Eric Holder Or is your memory as bad as his?

Remember Eric Holder? Attorney General during Barack Obama’s first term and beyond? Tall, thin guy. He had a mustache, which is always good. But shifty eyes. And an awful memory. Terrible, in fact.

eric_holderYou may remember “Fast and Furious,” that outrageous and, by the way, illegal gun-running operation by his department that sent weapons to drug cartels in Mexico? Nope, he never heard of it. Oh, well, wait. Those words do ring a bell. Yes, yes he had heard of it after all. But can’t quite remember when he heard of it. Or when he ordered it stopped. If he did.

There’s a lot of bad memory going around this Obama administration.

Well, now Holder’s had another awful lapse of memory. Or smarts. Or something. Way, way back on May 15, which is — oh, look — exactly two entire weeks ago today. An eternity under this Obama crowd.

Back then the country’s top law enforcement officer was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. It seems the FBI was poking around dozens of telephone lines of the Associated Press trying to identify a government leaker.

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