Putin and Obama: Brothers in arms (delivery)

It’s great, isn’t it, to see Barack Obama, the ex-state senator so eager to avoid confrontations, getting along so well with Vladimir Putin, the former Russian KGB chief?

Obama and PutinThings must be hunky-dory between the world’s top two nuclear powers, just as Obama promised during his ‘secret’ whispers in Seoul last year. Why shouldn’t the two be smiling for the cameras?

They’re staying at a posh Irish resort for another of these expensive G-297 or whatever meetings that mean zippo, except for the padded expense accounts of journalists there who’ll pass on to their news consumers all the official Pablum dished out.

The lights are on these two leaders. Their wives are not present. Well, Putin doesn’t have a wife anymore. And Michelle Obama is touristing in Dublin with her daughters. Never mind sequester, all three get suites with Mrs. Obama’s costing American taxpayers $3,300 per night. (Scroll down for a peek.)

The family’s Ireland visit is cheap by Obama standards, “only” five-million taxpayer dollars. The Obama family’s trip to Africa later this month is estimated to cost up to $100 million. (And don’t forget Joe Biden’s $585,000 hotel bill–for one night?)

And then there’s Michelle Obama’s entourage, enough staff to fill 30 luxury hotel rooms. “It is good to be home,” Mrs. Obama told one possibly-puzzled Irish audience.

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