Nixon Aide compares Obama IRS Scandal to Watergate

Nixon Aide Calls IRS Targeting Worst Scandal Facing Obama

WASHINGTON — The former deputy assistant to President Richard Nixon and the first member of the White House team to resign as the Watergate scandal unfolded told PJ Media on Saturday that he believes the IRS targeting of conservative groups is President Obama’s greatest current scandal.

The-Nixon-PortraitBut Dwight Chapin said he does not think any one of the scandals on its own is enough to bring down Obama’s presidency.

“It’s fascinating some of the similarities, you know; the talk about Nixon having an era of criminality or whatever it might be in the Nixon White House, and at the same time now we’re wondering about this aura of prejudice against the Tea Party people and so forth — and whether or not that rhetoric from the very top of our leadership led to the possible actions by the way of IRS agents. And it’s a very similar situation,” Chapin said in an interview at the National Archives, where he spoke at a screening of the upcoming CNN Films documentary Our Nixon.

The film features footage pulled from more than 500 Super 8 reels shot by home movie buffs Chapin, chief of staff H.R. Haldeman, and domestic affairs adviser John Ehrlichman — films that sat tucked away in the Archives after the Watergate investigation.

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