Bush Still most Popular President in Africa – Quadrupled Aide

With President Obama on his Africa tour, we thought we would remind readers of the most popular U.S. President in Africa with popularity rating in the 80 percentile

As George W Bush works his way through a five-country African tour, most of the elements that make up an average Bush foreign junket will be in place. Chorus of schoolchildren singing to him at the airport? Check. Obligatory “traditional costume”, worn with a smirk? Check. Public anger towards one of the world’s most unpopular leaders? Er, not quite.

Bush_PEPFARThe US President’s visit to Benin, Liberia, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania may, on the surface, be about promoting America’s funding for Aids treatment, shoring up support for a US military base on the continent, and quietly scoping out new oil opportunities. But there is another, perhaps more important, reason for President Bush’s week-long visit to Africa: people actually like him here.

A recent report from the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that “the US image is much stronger in Africa than in other regions of the world”. At least 80 per cent of respondents in Ghana, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire were favourable to the US. In all other sub-Saharan African countries polled, there were more “favourables” than “non-favourables”. Part of the reason for that support is money. Lots of it.

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