Stand with Wendy you Stand for Death – Davis is no Hero

No, Wendy Davis is not a hero.

Funnily enough, there is nothing in the American social contract that permits the disgruntled to scream their way to political victory. On Tuesday night, however, you could have been forgiven for thinking otherwise. When a speaking filibuster conducted by America’s new pro-choice darling, Wendy Davis, was ended by a procedural technicality, a turbulent mob descended on the chamber of the Texas state senate and set about unleashing chaos. Distressingly, the tactic worked — for 90 minutes, at least. Although the ayes prevailed in a vote held in the dying minutes of the session, the passed bill was signed at two minutes past midnight — after the session had closed for the year. Despite the self-serving attempts of the Republican majority to pretend that this did not matter, it was determined that it did. At 3 a.m., the bill was pronounced dead, and Wendy Davis and those who stood with her had won.

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