Egypt: Happy Morsi Independence day

Breaking Now: Morsi Ousted – Egypt: Happy Morsi Independence day

Breaking News: Egypt constitutional court head appointed interim head of state: army Commander

Tahrir Square erupts in celebrations as army chief Sisi announces provisional suspension of constitution and the appointment of chief justice as interim president.


Egyptian Military Ousts Morsi, Suspends Constitution

On Wednesday, Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi announced a military coup in Egypt. He said that the Constitution had been suspended, that early elections would take place, and that there would be a “code of ethics” for the media. He stated that the chief of the Constitutional court would be taking charge during a transitional period before another election. He said the new government would be “diverse and include all the people,” and that the constitution would be revised to reverse changes made by ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi.
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Morsi ousted, tanks in streets, U.S. ‘very concerned’

CAIRO, July 3 (UPI) — Egyptian media said President Mohamed Morsi “is no longer able” to make decisions and a U.S. official said Washington is “very concerned” by upheaval in Egypt.

Egyptian army divisions were deployed in Cairo and other cities Wednesday to prevent violence after Morsi was removed from the palace, media reports said. In what Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party called a military coup, tanks were deployed in the capital’s streets and soldiers beefed up their presence in other cities, after a 48-hour ultimatum delivered by the army failed to secure Morsi’s resignation.

time_morsi The Egyptian army told Islamist President Mohammed Mursi at 7 pm that he was no longer president, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper quotes presidency source – Via Al Arabiya

Egypt army suspends constitution, calls early vote

CAIRO (AP) – Egypt’s military has suspended the Islamist-backed constitution and called early elections.

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